Advanced Mobile Data Collection Finds the Range with Laser-Precision Webinar

by SLassiter 18. August 2017 11:30

TerraGo and Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) have recently partnered to deliver a powerful, easy-to-use mobile data collaboration app fully integrated with TruPulse professional grade laser rangefinders. Now organizations can remotely capture position data with laser-precision to improve accuracy, efficiency and the safety of field data collection work.


Advanced Mobile Data Collection Finds the Range with Laser-Precision – A TerraGo and Laser Technology Partnership

Recorded on August 22, 2017
12:00 pm (EST)

Watch Advanced Mobile Data Collection Webinar

Join TerraGo and LTI in this joint webinar to learn about the recent partnership and how to:

  • Connect laser range finders to TerraGo-enabled Android or iOS apps
  • Collect location-tagged field data with GPS offset mapping to improve data collection efficiency and safety
  • Capture a feature or asset’s coordinates without having to physically occupy its position
  • Customize mobile forms, maps, apps, and workflows for any industry or unique workflow
  • Synchronize field data across project field teams and headquarters in real-time+

Common Authorized Dealers are Duncan Parnell, Seiler Instruments, Compass Tools, Western Data Solutions and Frontier Precision.

For more information about LTI's complete line of professional measurement products call us at 1.303.649.1000.

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