Laser Technology, Inc. Releases Newly Enhanced TruPulse 200 Laser Rangefinder Models

by Admin 12. March 2018 13:08

With new technology available, Laser Technology's TruPulse 200 product line has gotten a facelift. Offering newly enhanced laser rangefinders, these models provide better accuracy and performance for professionals.

TruPulse 200 L

The two models revamped are the TruPulse 200L and the 200 lasers.

The TruPulse 200 L laser rangefinder is now not only 50% more accurate, but also has a higher range resolution and includes as standard feature, LTI's TruTargeting Technology.

LTI's TruPulse 200 laser was introduced in 2006 and is still one of our most popular laser measurement tools worldwide in Professional Measurement and Traffic Safety applications. The bar has been set even higher on the 200 model offering new features including 33% more accuracy and 25% better target acquisition. Wireless communication is now standard in this model and is compatible with both Android and Windows.

TruPulse 200

LTI's TruTargeting Technology allows you to view all of your data values right in the scope and instantly receive feedback on your measurement accuracy. The four targeting modes - Closest, Farthest, Continuous and Filter allow users to capture an accurate measurement for the intended target.

Laser Technology's TruPulse laser rangefinders are small, lightweight and provide professionals the ultimate tool for their measurement needs. Measuring height, distance, missing line, inclination and more, data can instantly be gathered all with a push of the button and from one spot. LTI's dedication to high quality and unmatched innovation has allowed the TruPulse series to withstand the test of time

Read more information about these newly enhanced TruPulse laser rangefinders and see LTI's News Room on the TruPulse 200 Series Press Release. If you have any questions or would like more information, please fill out the Information Request form or call us at 1.877.696.2584.

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