Discover How To Use LaserGIS To Stand Out at GEO Business

by TNyland 17. May 2019 11:11

GEO Business is the world’s largest geospatial show in the United Kingdom, taking place on May 21st through May 22nd in London, featuring 200 of the world’s leading suppliers of geospatial technology and service providers. The great part about GEO Business is getting to meet, and view, the latest tech in geospatial industry including, but not limited to, GIS data capture, UAV’s, 3D modelling and visualization and land, laser scanning, building, surveying, and more! Laser Technology, one of the 200 exhibitors, headquartered in Centennial, CO, is exhibiting their LaserGIS® for All campaign.

LTI’s LaserGIS for All campaign highlights the new TruPulse® laser rangefinder for distance in meters, that seamlessly integrates within their MapSmart® Android® app and other third-party GIS data collection apps.

LaserGIS for All is about streamlining workflows, creating better efficiency and accuracy, without needing to scrap your current system. It’s about adding the few missing pieces to your already existing puzzle. When you stop by LTI’s stand, #G9, you will learn about the benefits of LTI’s laser mapping workflow, specifically for when your GNSS receivers are impaired: merely by integrating popular apps, like Esri® ArcGIS® Collector , into your existing workflow.

LTI’s stand (G9) isn’t just for window shopping, you can enjoy a hands-on demonstration of their TruPoint֭™ 300 total station while having the opportunity to meet with LTI tech experts. LTI’s TruPoint 300 total station is primarily used for indoor mapping, producing survey-grade accuracy, onboard data storage and calculations, all while costing thousands less when compared to other total stations on the market. Stop by stand #G9 for a geospatial tech experience you do not want to miss!

Not only is LTI showcasing the world’s first laser offset solution with their LaserGIS for All campaign, Senior Product Manager of Laser Technology, Derrick Reish, will be speaking at a free workshop! Derrick will be discussing all things LaserGIS, and how it is your gateway solution to collect more GIS data in less time. This workshop is being held in Theatre 4 on Tuesday, May 21, 2019 at 10:15 AM.

Derrick Reish’s LaserGIS workshop will discuss the following:

The faster field crews can collect GIS field data, the better your chances are to stay under budget. Integrating professional measurement and mapping lasers to your GNSS-GIS data collection workflow saves you time, while letting you collect data from a safe location. Gather richer data and streamline survey and mapping projects across many geospatial disciplines.

Key take-a-ways:

  • Realize how field crews can work faster and smarter without sacrificing data integrity,
  • Discover the true value of collecting additional attribute data, and
  • Embrace the BYOD revolution by syncing a laser with GNSS/GPS, smartphones/tablets, and apps you already own!

We look forward to the GEO Business show, and we hope you find a way to LTI's stand (G9) to discuss how LTI can make your workflow even more efficient and accurate, while enhancing you and your crew's safety.

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