Esri® User Conference 2019: Capturing High-Accuracy Data in GNSS Impaired Environments

by TNyland 26. July 2019 07:10
ArcGIS® Collector® was the highlight of Esri® UC

Esri® UC 2019 was held in San Diego, CA to over 17,000 attendees and 28,000 live streamers. Being the 50th anniversary since the founding of Esri®, this event was nothing short of spectacular. Featuring over 200 exhibiters, thousands of Esri buttons gone within minutes, and standing room only for workshops, Esri was jampacked with GIS professionals and intelligent content and hardware that is taking the GIS world by storm.

The high-accuracy laser offset for ArcGIS® Collector® was the highlight of the show. A seamless integration from Eos Positioning Systems®, Esri®, and Laser Technology, Inc., featuring Eos Arrow™ GNSS Receiver, ArcGIS® Collector®, and LTI’s new TruPulse® laser rangefinder series, allowing mapping professionals to capture centimeter accurate measurements in hostile GNSS environments.

Growing in popularity, high-accuracy laser offset mapping is developing a true cult-like following within the GIS community. With its user-centric interface, advanced safety practices, easy shoot-and-point features, and intelligent data transfer from field to office that still works for your budget, undeniably makes this solution a must have for GIS.

Dann Block, the real star of Esri® UC, was featured in an ArcGIS article showcasing his testimonial of how laser offset mapping solution has advanced the documentation and renovations of the Woodland Park Zoo’s infrastructure. Click here to read the full article.

The world’s first high-accuracy laser offset mapping solution allows GIS professionals to discover the true value of collecting additional attribute data. With multiple options for integration of devices that you already own, you and your field crew will maximize your productivity, generate immediate ROI, and work faster and smarter without sacrificing data integrity.

The top manufacturers for GPS/GNSS devices include Lecia®, Trimble®, Eos® Positioning Inc, and Juniper® Systems. Each of these devices integrates into LTI’s MapSmart Android laser mapping app, giving professionals the ability to obtain 1- to 2-centimeter position accuracy using a laser offset mapping technique with LTI’s professional-grade laser rangefinders.

This show was one for the books: however, if you weren’t able to attend, you don’t have to miss out on learning about this exciting new GIS tech. Check out LTI’s upcoming events page for your next workshop or conference in your, or to review any of LTI’s previous GIS webinars!

Learn more about the full compliment of solutions and tools Laser Technology offers for professional measurement.

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