How To: Use LaserGIS Mapping in Disconnected GNSS Environments

by TNyland 7. August 2019 07:11

There are an estimated 5 billion mobile phone users around the globe with over half being smartphones. Mobile technology is rapidly growing and governing the rise of mobile software applications for surveying professionals, allowing field crews to gather and record their information on their phone or tablet. Consequently, the increased use of mobile devices GPS radio transmitters has led to an upsurge of potential interferences in the field.

GNSS is a critical component for many application infrastructures: however, the low signal strength makes it easy for surveyors to lose their GNSS receiver connectivity, requiring an alternative mapping method.

Until recently, mapping professionals didn’t have a solution that was ready to take on the vulnerabilities of GNSS environments. This required users who wanted to capture high-accuracy 3D measurements for hard-to-reach assets needed extensive training and expertise. Crews needed to use a total station requiring different software and workflow, while then having to mesh the data back in the office. Capturing these assets was a tedious and time-consuming process that triggered a clumsy and inefficient workflow.

The introduction of the world’s first laser offset mapping solution within the surveying community has altered the way professionals gather and collect measurements.

Derrick Reish, Sr. Product Manager at Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) and co-host Geospatial World are teaming up to bring you an in-depth discussion about laser offset mapping and how you can maximize your productivity and achieve centimeter accuracy when your GNSS signal becomes obstructed when using your smart devices, mapping apps, and external GNSS devices.

Join Derrick, LTI, and Geospatial World on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 @ 10:00 AM MDT to discover LaserGIS® Asset Data Collection in GNSS Impaired Environments.

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LaserGIS® Asset Data Collection in GNSS Impaired Environments Recording
Recorded April 21, 2019

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