Webinar: Collect Remote Assets With LTI's Laser Rangefinders and Trimble® Terraflex™ Software

by MDalton 16. April 2020 08:35

On Thursday, March 26th, GPS World and Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) hosted a webinar discussing how to ensure position accuracy of GNSS remote feature locations in any setting. Derrick Reish, Sr. Product Manager at Laser Technology, Inc. and Dan Colbert, Application Engineer from Trimble Geospatial discussed their applications and how to combine LTI's laser rangefinders and Trimble® TerraFlex™ software to collect remote assets. Trimble and LTI have been long time business partners. "This release represents the continuation of Trimble and LTI working together to support laser rangefinder technology in Trimble GIS software solutions," said Rachel Blair-Winkler, Business Area Manager for Trimble Mapping & GIS Solutions.

The webinar showed various different options on how to increase your productivity with the adaptive mapping workflows. You can collect data quicker and safer with combining laser rangefinders with your GNSS receiver, smart device, and preferred mapping app. Trimble TerraFlex now supports asset feature capturing with LTI's TruPulse® 200 series and 360 series lasers. The webinar also discussed overcoming environmental challenges. The new laser offset mapping feature offers a map-based workflow to simplify the job. The Trimble TerraFlex feature allows you to correct any potential errors in real time. Learn how to gather data from a safe location as well as gather useful data in poor GNSS environments, and if you missed the webinar you can watch it below.

How To Ensure Position Accuracy of GNSS Remote Feature Locations in Any Setting
Recorded March 26, 2020

To find an authorized dealer near you and request a demo using an LTI laser rangefinder with the Trimble TerraFlex remote offset mapping feature, contact LaserTech.

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