Maximizing Joint Use Audits Field Routines for Wireline and Small Cell Webinar

by MDalton 26. June 2020 12:28

On Wednesday, May 20th Laser Tech and ISE hosted a webinar on Maximizing Joint Use Audits Field Routines for Wireline and Small Cell. The Webinar was presented by Steve Colburn, Applications Training Specialist with Laser Tech, Jim Cox, Senior Vice President OSP Technologies and Mike George GISP, sUAS, GIS Director of DDSI Global.

Laser Tech's TruPoint 300 in Action.

The webinar discussed challenges with new 5G infrastructure and small cells. Joint Use auditors need to make sure their assets meet the current guidelines with the NESC regulations. It's important to know the proper guidelines for mounting and placement of the cells. The webinar discusses how to accurately take measurements safely and efficiently. Learn how to gather data electronically and what assets are easiest to measure.

Gathering data can be time consuming and it’s important to know your assets are accurate. LTI has a variety of lasers to help find height, span, clearance routine and sag with an easy to use point and shoot system. LTI's lasers offer GNSS laser offset routines and data collection to help get the job done.

Jim Cox with OSP Technologies uses LTI's TruPoint™ 300 for acquisition evaluation, engineering, plant conflict evaluation and geospatial record collection. A benefit of using the TruPoint 300 is that you can stay in one location and gather data from 3 asset locations.

Mike George discussed different case studies where gathering data points was difficult with vegetation. Using LTI's laser offset routine surveyors are able to save time and job done safely and efficiently.

To learn more about our lasers, contact our sales team. If you missed the webinar, you can listen to the recording here.

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