Applying for Law Enforcement Grants

by mphippen 18. February 2014 09:04

Washington County Police Department Supplements through Grants

TruCams, TruSpeeds, and TruSpeed Sx units have, and continue to be, an important part of traffic enforcement worldwide. The overwhelming majority of these precision tools have been purchased through Traffic Safety grants. Literally $100's of millions are given to law enforcement agencies of all sizes throughout this great country of ours. The grants are awarded to support Police departments and their efforts to capture the offenders and make our streets safer. All the agency has to do is apply for it! More...

Professional Grant Writers Make It Happen

by mphippen 14. October 2013 13:51

It's hard to say with any certainty just how many Laser Technology UltraLytes, TruSpeeds, and TruSpeed Sx’s have been purchased through successful grants, but assume a good many have. But in these days of budgetary restraint and prioritization police departments often times find themselves hard-pressed to get what they REALLY want. More...

Grants for Distracted Driving Received by Few States

by mphippen 20. September 2013 09:30

At the end of August this year Laser Technology sponsored a 'Webinar' discussing the importance of grant writing. Jeff Merriman was our guest and led the discussion based on writing successful grants totaling $13.5 million in federal and state grants since 2005. He's very good!

In the discussion Jeff stressed the importance of qualifying for the right grant. But the very first thing an agency should do is register with S.A.M. (System for Award Management), obtain a DUNS number, and actively participate in the NIMS program. All these have to be completed before you could even apply.More...

Webinar Video & Recap: Grant Writing Guidance For Traffic Safety Equipment

by admin 17. September 2013 11:29

On August 28th, LTI co-hosted a webinar with Jeff Merriman, discussing how law enforcement agencies can be more successful in writing and winning grant awards for traffic safety equipment. These hard economic times have made it tough and highly competitive for departments to get funding they need, so this webinar focused on best practices and strategies, as well as steps that can help you achieve your initiative.

Watch the webinar video here to learn more about: More...

Have You Registered for

by mphippen 12. August 2013 12:48

Sign up to Get Grant Funding for Your Law Enforcement Agency

The reason I ask, is because Federal grant monies will be unavailable to your department unless you get it registered. In the summer of 2013 SAM (SYSTEM for AWARD MANAGEMENT) registration became a requirement for all Federal grant applications and awardees. To state it clearly here, unless your department is registered with you won’t be able to even apply period! More...

Grant Writing Guidance Webcast for Traffic Safety Equipment

by admin 26. June 2013 12:11

Laser Technology, Inc. and Successful Consultant to Co-host Webcast

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) and Jeff Merriman, a retired deputy who now owns a Public Safety Grant Consulting Firm, will be co-hosting a grant-focused webcast August 28th 2013 at 10 am (MDT) specifically for traffic safety equipment. More...

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