MCOPA 2015 Winter Meeting & Vendor Show

by admin 27. January 2015 12:59

Join Laser Technology (LTI) as we attend the annual MCOPA 2015 Winter Meeting & Vendor Show February 4-6 at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland, Maine. The two day meeting will have keynote speakers, More...

8 States Chiefs' Conference 2014

by admin 16. October 2014 14:30

Join Laser Technology (LTI) at the 2014 8 States Chiefs' Conference on October 27-30 at the Coeur d'Alene Resort in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Held annually, the conference is a wealth of information for law enforcement officials. Make sure to stop by LTI's booth to get a hands-on demonstration of the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth® and LaserSoft SpeedCapture App - a powerful duo for speed enforcement.

West Australia Using UltraLyte with Long Range Lens for Speed Enforcement

by kharrold 2. October 2014 10:26

No nonsense enforcement recently started in the western part of Australia using the LTI 20/20 UltraLyte fashioned with a long-range lens, as seen in this video below. Australian news sources report that fines will be up to 5 times higher than before September 26, 2014, when the new enforcement began. The increased police presence and fines are warranted because Western Australia has one of the worst road safety records in the country. More...

New York Highway Safety Symposium 2014

by admin 1. October 2014 14:01

An annual event, the New York Highway Safety Symposium is being held this year at High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid, NY on October 19th - 22nd. Attracting over 350 law enforcement and traffic safety professionals, the symposium is the place they gather to learn the newest developments and activities, exchange information on injury prevention programs and network with others in the field. More...

Laser Technology Speed Lasers Assist New York State with Enforcement

by kharrold 18. September 2014 14:00

New York news station WGRZ featured a news story this week about two of the state's top ten "speed traps." A speed trap commonly refers to a place where vehicle speeds are known to frequently exceed posted limits and police or troopers sit to pull over speeders. Speed reduction zones, school zones or high-speed freeways, in addition to certain geographic features, can be contributing factors in why drivers exceed the limit in those locations. More...

LTI's Laser Speed Guns Help Enforce Speed Limit Over Labor Day Weekend

by mphippen 8. September 2014 08:59

"Over The River and Through The Woods….." Road to Grandma's House no Laughing Matter

Laser Technology Inc. proudly supports our nation's traffic enforcement officers. TruCam, TruSpeed, TruSpeed Sx, and DBC firmware for quantifying "Tailgating" and Aggressive Driving, were in full force over the Labor Day weekend. More...

Why Write Tickets? Speed Enforcement Explained

by mphippen 1. August 2014 10:50

Laser Technology and its family of Traffic Safety lasers including the 25 year old Marksman, UltraLyte, TruSpeed, TruCam, TruSpeed S and Sx as well as Distance Between Cars (tailgating) firmware all accurately measure speed. Writing tickets with a bit of financial sting has proven to be the most effective way to remind motorists that speeding is not only a danger to themselves, but a danger to others as well. Both pedestrians and the motoring public are at risk. Slogans, PSA announcements, and statistic gathering don't come close to the personal attention law enforcement gives to speeders in the form of a ticket! More...

LTI New Speed Enforcement Tools Featured At Police Security Expo

by admin 25. June 2014 13:06

LaserSoft SpeedCapture App and TruSpeed Sxb Showcased at Expo

The 28th annual Police Security Expo has been a huge success with over 750 exhibits and thousands of industry professionals attending the event. The Expo is known as the longest running, most respected and best known security expo in the country. Teeming with the latest in technology, the expo gives law enforcement leaders the opportunity to better their departments and keep their communities safer. More...

IPTM Symposium 2014

by admin 23. June 2014 11:43

Join Laser Technology (LTI) at the 26th annual IPTM Symposium on Alcohol and Drug Impaired Driving Enforcement at the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach, FL on July 14 - 16. More...

NH Association of Chiefs of Police Public Safety Trade Show 2014

by admin 20. May 2014 11:41

Join Laser Technology (LTI) on June 5 in Manchester, NH at the annual New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police Public Safety Trade Show. In it's fourth year, the conference will be at the Radisson Hotel & Expo Center and have over 115 vendors, offer attendees the latest in technology for public safety equipment, supplies and services; training sessions, networking and more.

Visit LTI's booth to see the latest in our Traffic Safety products including the newest in the TruSpeed series, the TruSpeed Sxb with Bluetooth which in conjunction with your smartphone and the new LaserSoft SpeedCapture App, provides officers a powerful tool for speed and mapping measurement. To get a complete picture of what these products do, ask us for a practical demonstration.

See you there!

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