Clackamus County Field Tests Laser Technology's DBC Technology

by admin 14. January 2011 14:47

Clackamus County had over 13,000 crashes last year and their Sheriff department was the first one in the United States to test DBC (distance-between-cars) technology in the United States. Deputy John Naccarato, Traffic Supervisor for Clackamus County contacted Laser Technology as he found out about the DBC technology that LTI had developed and saw it was being used in Canada and Europe but nowhere in the United States. He became very interested in it due to the amount of accidents that were occurring because of tailgating violations and felt it would be very beneficial if they had it to use in their agency.


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Additional LTI Ultralyte Laser Rangefinders Added to the French Gendarmerie

by admin 12. January 2011 13:38

The French Gendarmerie added more Ultralyte lasers based on their government deciding to strengthen their speed enforcement policy. LTI was asked to provide custom features into the laser rangefinders to ensure compliance of the speed enforcement laws that are established in France. Read the case study in this post to see how the French Gendarmerie had Laser Technology customize the laser speed guns to help them enforce the speed limit in their country.


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Case Study | Case Study

DBC A Welcome Solution for Tailgating Violations

by admin 10. January 2011 13:39

Laser Technology Inc offers a patented software feature called DBC (distance-between-cars) that incorporates into both the LTI Ultralyte 100 LR and the TruCAM. This software has become a invaluable tool for law enforcement around the world in determining traffic infractions such as driving too closely or tailgating.


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LTI Offers Many Choices for Mapping Crash Scenes

by admin 5. January 2011 13:36

From Impulse laser rangefinders to QuickMap 3D systems Laser Technology, Inc. has a good variety when it comes to technology choices for mapping crash scenes. Law enforcement agencies are finding that these laser systems are easy to use and set up, are affordable, and require minimal training.




Wisconsin Chiefs Conference

by admin 3. January 2011 13:35

Laser Technology is heading to the Wisconsin Chiefs Conference on January 30 - February 2, 2011. It is being held at the Kalahari Resort & Conference Center in the Wisconsin Dells area. Hope to see you there!

See more information on the conference.

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Welcome to Laser Technology's Traffic Safety Blog

by admin 2. January 2011 10:31

Laser Technology's Traffic Safety blog was created to keep you in touch on what's happening in the world of laser measurement for the law enforcement field. Here you will find articles and information on speed enforcement, crash investigation, tailgating enforcement, photo/video lidar, traffic engineering and other areas of the industry. Stay current on upcoming traffic safety events, trade shows and training sessions. Watch videos on how to use our products. Learn tips and tricks. Sign up for our newsletter which will be sent via e-mail.

LTI revolutioned speed enforcement years ago with the very first speed device, the LTI 20/20 Marksman, and we continue to be the leader in traffic safety products today. We are proud to be a major contributor to the techology that helps saves lives and are dedicated to not only providing the best possible quality products but in keeping you, our customers, better informed.

The LTI Team



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