An Unlikely COVID-19 Outcome: Speeding

by MDalton 28. April 2020 08:15

Across the world, stay-in-place orders during the COVID-19 pandemic have mandated people to stay at home. More people at home means fewer people on the road, and in theory creates safer roads. Unfortunately, with significantly fewer cars on the road, police officials have observed an increase in speeding and reckless driving. Without the usual traffic constraints, drivers are taking advantage and pushing their speeds to the limits across the United States and Europe.More...

Cut Your Time Spent Mapping at a Crime Scene in Half

by TNyland 31. October 2018 10:38

Crime scene investigators spend an average of eight to ten hours to process a crime scene, but it is common to work up to thirty-five hours per scene collecting evidence. Crime scene investigators continue to feel pressure to collect evidence quickly. Numerous bodies are coming and going, onlookers gather around the building, and contamination of a crime scene happens fast. Melanie Basich discusses a new tool crime scene investigators are turning too to help map and document a crime scene quicker and more efficiently in her article "Capturing Crime Scene Images" in Police Magazine. More...

Act of Kindness by this Quiet Warrior - No Ticket Needed

by admin 24. February 2018 12:44
Officer Bourne using an UltraLyte LRB on patrol.
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Going beyond the scope of his job Austin PD Officer, Jason Borne, helped make a difference in not one, not two, but three lives. Receiving notification to check out a pedestrian with a stroller walking in the middle of the road, he went to the scene and instead of writing up a violation, offered this woman and child a ride. Taking the time to recognize and find out the reason of her actions, Borne made a lasting difference in their lives by providing the assistance that was really needed.

Read more at Quiet Warrior Making A Lasting Difference.More...

Welcome to Laser Technology's Traffic Safety Blog

by admin 2. January 2011 10:31

Laser Technology's Traffic Safety blog was created to keep you in touch on what's happening in the world of laser measurement for the law enforcement field. Here you will find articles and information on speed enforcement, crash investigation, tailgating enforcement, photo/video lidar, traffic engineering and other areas of the industry. Stay current on upcoming traffic safety events, trade shows and training sessions. Watch videos on how to use our products. Learn tips and tricks. Sign up for our newsletter which will be sent via e-mail.

LTI revolutioned speed enforcement years ago with the very first speed device, the LTI 20/20 Marksman, and we continue to be the leader in traffic safety products today. We are proud to be a major contributor to the techology that helps saves lives and are dedicated to not only providing the best possible quality products but in keeping you, our customers, better informed.

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