TruSpeed Laser Speed Guns Provide Solution for Meridian PD

by admin 4. February 2014 11:36

Laser Technology Provides Hands-On Training of Speed Enforcement Technology

TruSpeed laser speed gun training
with Meridian Police Department.

The Meridian, Mississippi Police Department recently contacted Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) for a better solution for speed enforcement. The radar units that were currently being used in the department were not providing them with all the functionality needed to catch speeding violators on their highways. It was explained to LTI that officers were experiencing problems getting a fix on a single vehicle during heavy traffic hours in the morning and afternoon. Bryan Willis, Sales Rep for Laser Technology, offered them the perfect solution -- the TruSpeed laser speed gun.

A demonstration and training of the TruSpeed was held where officers tracked the speed of vehicles on a bridge overpass overlooking a 60 MPH section of I-20. More...

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IAMI's 24th Annual Training Seminar

by admin 4. February 2014 10:46

The International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) is holding its annual training seminar, February 23-26, 2014, at the Sheraton Reed Conference Center in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The event, hosted by Oklahoma Highway Patrol, offers networking, training, Certified Marine Investigator testing and exhibit booths. At Laser Technology's booth, you'll learn about laser measurement products critical to accident reconstruction and crash scene mapping, including the TruPulse 200X with TruAngle so make sure to stop by to get a hands-on practical demonstration. More...


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2014 Maryland Highway Safety Summit

by admin 4. February 2014 10:37

Laser Technology (LTI) is exhibiting at the Maryland Highway Safety Summit in Linthicum Heights, Maryland, February 24-26, 2014. "Connecting the Dots to Save Lives Together" is the theme of the summit, which is being held at The Conference Center at the Maritime Institute. In addition to attending workshops and presentations in transportation safety, be sure to visit the LTI booth to learn more about the latest in speed measurement technology including the LaserSoft™ SpeedCapture App.

To see more information on our laser speed measurement and mapping products, go to LTI's Traffic Safety products.


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2014 Maine Chiefs of Police Association Conference

by admin 29. January 2014 12:03

Join Laser Technology at the annual Maine Chiefs of Police Association Conference on February 5 - 7, 2014 at the DoubleTree Hotel in South Portland, Maine. The conference is MCOPA's (Maine Chiefs of Police Association) winter meeting and vendor show and will be full of presentations, training and exhibits. If you're attending please stop by LTI's booth and see the latest in our laser speed measurement devices and products including the SpeedCapture App.

To see more information on our law enforcement based laser measurement products go to LTI's Traffic Safety products.


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2014 MACP Mid-Winter Conference

by admin 28. January 2014 11:02

Laser Technology will be in attendance at the MACP (The Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police) Mid-Winter Training Conference held this year February 5th - 7th at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Grand Rapids, MI. We will be giving hands-on demonstrations at Booth #125 of our newest laser speed measurement device, More...

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Consequences of Speeding - Powerful Video Ad

by mphippen 22. January 2014 10:08

LTI's Speed Enforcement Laser Speed Guns Help Save Lives...

Let's face it, nobody likes to be 'nailed' with an LTI TruSpeed or TruCam Laser Speed Gun and then be pulled over and ticketed! The $80 to $125 (or more) fine stings a little and is a sober reminder to slow down. This and other such blogs have driven it into our collective heads that "Speed Kills." You know the drill, the faster we travel the more time & distance it takes to stop. According to NHTSA excessive speed is a factor in 33% of all traffic related deaths. More...

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LTI Supports KSP In Terrible Tragedy

by admin 21. January 2014 11:49

We at Laser Technology extend our sympathies to the family, friends and town on the terrible ambush and murder of Officer Jason Ellis of the Bardstown Police Department which happened May 25, 2013. By placing KSP’s You Tube video on our Traffic Safety Blog we can only hope it helps to bring in more tips and bring those responsible for this murder to justice. More...



A Season for Giving - LTI TruCAM

by kharrold 30. December 2013 09:15

A news agency in Podgorica, Montenegro recently reported the gifting of four Laser Technology, Inc., TruCAM laser speed enforcement units from the Turkey Agency for International Development Cooperation, called "Tika". These units were donated to the traffic division in Podgorica. Nikola Janjušević, assistant Director "thanked the Agency for the donation, but also on a number of other projects that are jointly designed and implemented." More...


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Hong Kong Begins Aggressive Driving / Speed Enforcement Campaign with TruCAM

by mphippen 14. December 2013 09:14

LTI 20-20 Marksman, UltraLyte 100LR, and now TruCAM represent the level of commitment the Hong Kong Police has toward highway safety. In a televised news report from Hong Kong last week, Laser Technology's TruCAM laser speed gun was featured alongside a new digital Breathalyzer. On December 15, 2013 the Police Department will begin an enforcement campaign to rein in aggressive and/or drunk drivers. More...

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Enforcing Mumbai's Traffic Laws with Laser Technology's Laser Speed Devices

by mphippen 11. December 2013 08:39

Once again Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) and its laser speed enforcement tools come to the aid of another burgeoning Asian city. With a population of over 20 million people Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India has a problem. Not just congested roads and bad drivers, but logistical issues as well. In total they have 33,000 police officers or 165 per 100,000 citizens! The Traffic Police are hopeful the PicoDigiCam and TruSpeed SE laser speed gun will make them much more effective when enforcing Mumbai's traffic laws. More...

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