Webinar: National Law Enforcement Challenge 2013

by admin 11. October 2013 14:30

UPDATE: LTI is hosting the third and final webinar in the NLEC series on April 8, 2014 at 10 AM (MDT) for more information and to register please visit National Law Enforcement Challenge Webinar - Part 3.

LTI hosted a second webcast on the NLEC on February 26, 2014 at 10 AM (MST) for more information and to watch the video recording please visit LTI & IACP Co-Host Another National Law Enforcement Challenge Webcast.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) promotes a unique program called National Law Enforcement Challenge. It's a national traffic safety awards program that recognizes excellent law enforcement traffic safety programs, and gives law enforcement agencies the chance to make a difference in their communities while learning from each other and establishing future goals in traffic safety enforcement.

The program has gone thru some improvements and revamping this past year and Laser Technology in conjunction with the National Law Enforcement Challenge Subcommittee is sponsoring a 30 minute webinar to fill you in on these revisions. More...



Laser Technology Debuts LaserSoft SpeedCapture App at IACP 2013

by admin 8. October 2013 13:20
LaserSoft SpeedCapture App Debuts at IACP

Speed Enforcement Smartphone App

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is unveiling a new speed enforcement solution at this year's IACP. The TruSpeed Sx Speed Measurement & Mapping Laser, now with iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth®, syncs with a smartphone app to capture and store a picture of a vehicle along with its speed. LTI’s LaserSoft SpeedCapture App collects the time, speed and distance data as well as the option to input vehicle and violation information. It embeds all this data within the photo and can either be saved to your camera roll for texting and emailing or the whole data log can be downloaded onto a PC. An extensive vehicle database of all known makes and models is preloaded into this app for an easily accessible pick list. See it first hand at LTI’s IACP booth #2841 and enter a drawing for a chance to win this state-of-the-art speed enforcement solution. More...

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2013 NJAAR Joint Conference

by admin 2. October 2013 13:31

Laser Technology will once again be attending the annual NJAAR Joint Conference. The event is being held October 9-11 at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. More...


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Ghana Police Service Better Equipped To Enforce Safety on Roads

by admin 26. September 2013 12:16

The Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Department just got a little help in enforcing the speed limit with the presentation of two TruCAM laser speed guns from the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC). The TruCAM can not only measure speed but also can capture pictures of the offending driver and vehicle, including the location, license plate and time.More...


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Annual C.A.R.E. International Conference

by admin 24. September 2013 13:05

Laser Technology will be attending the annual 2013 KY C.A.R.E International Conference being held October 6-9, 2013 in Louisville, KY. Swing by our exhibit and get a hands-on-demonstration of the TruCAM and discuss how it can help your law enforcement in tackling such traffic safety issues like distracted driving.

Before attending, read more information on Laser Technology and our Traffic Safety products.

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Grants for Distracted Driving Received by Few States

by mphippen 20. September 2013 09:30

At the end of August this year Laser Technology sponsored a 'Webinar' discussing the importance of grant writing. Jeff Merriman was our guest and led the discussion based on writing successful grants totaling $13.5 million in federal and state grants since 2005. He's very good!

In the discussion Jeff stressed the importance of qualifying for the right grant. But the very first thing an agency should do is register with S.A.M. (System for Award Management), obtain a DUNS number, and actively participate in the NIMS program. All these have to be completed before you could even apply.More...

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Webinar Video & Recap: Grant Writing Guidance For Traffic Safety Equipment

by admin 17. September 2013 11:29

On August 28th, LTI co-hosted a webinar with Jeff Merriman, discussing how law enforcement agencies can be more successful in writing and winning grant awards for traffic safety equipment. These hard economic times have made it tough and highly competitive for departments to get funding they need, so this webinar focused on best practices and strategies, as well as steps that can help you achieve your initiative.

Watch the webinar video here to learn more about: More...

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Officers Use LTI UltraLyte to Help Keep School Zones Safe

by mphippen 3. September 2013 12:34

Laser Technology is truly proud of our contribution to traffic safety over the years and our family of Laser based instruments has improved the lives of traffic officers worldwide providing precision tools for capturing speeds, aggressive drivers, and accident reconstruction. The UltraLyte series of laser speed guns is second to none when it comes to enforcing our speed laws. Here is vivid proof:

Okay ladies and gentlemen, parents, and drivers everywhere, school is officially back in session. In a news story released last week Douglas County deputies were taking care our little ones had safe passage while returning to school. More...

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Laser Technology One Step Ahead with TruCAM

by mphippen 3. September 2013 12:13

I continue to be amazed at how Laser Technology is always one step ahead by incorporating cutting edge innovations into our 2nd and 3rd generation lasers. LTI has integrated a laser with a digital video camera, making the LTI 20/20 TruCAM the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available today. It is the only all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera on the market. More...


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Operation 130 Safe Passage Using TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun

by mphippen 20. August 2013 12:51

Just when you think you've seen every application for LIDAR speed enforcement some creative people find yet another use for them. In a recent broadcast reported by Cleve Bryan of CBS 3, Officer Bryan Norcross, of the Burlington County Police Department demonstrates and talks about how they're using the TruSpeed laser speed gun. More...

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