DBC A Welcome Solution for Tailgating Violations

by admin 10. January 2011 13:39

Laser Technology Inc offers a patented software feature called DBC (distance-between-cars) that incorporates into both the LTI Ultralyte 100 LR and the TruCAM. This software has become a invaluable tool for law enforcement around the world in determining traffic infractions such as driving too closely or tailgating.

DBC Application ShotThe technology initially had captured more interest internationally but has since become more popular in the United States where "road rage" has grown and law enforcement agencies have had to provide more accurate evidence for enforcement of aggressive driving.

Because of this technology breakthrough, traffic officers can calculate and document driving too closely and then share the information with violators right at the scene.

LTI's DBC-equipped laser rangefinder provides details from the time the vehicles were zapped with the laser beam such as the distance between the two vehicles (measured not only in distance but time also), the speed of both vehicles, and the distance from the operator to each of the vehicles. Truly a revolutionary breakthrough and is proving to provide a welcome solution to officers who are dealing with these type of traffic violations.

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Information on Laser Technology's DBC firmware.

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