Clackamus County Field Tests Laser Technology's DBC Technology

by admin 14. January 2011 14:47

Clackamus County had over 13,000 crashes last year and their Sheriff department was the first one in the United States to test DBC (distance-between-cars) technology in the United States. Deputy John Naccarato, Traffic Supervisor for Clackamus County contacted Laser Technology as he found out about the DBC technology that LTI had developed and saw it was being used in Canada and Europe but nowhere in the United States. He became very interested in it due to the amount of accidents that were occurring because of tailgating violations and felt it would be very beneficial if they had it to use in their agency.

So the Clackamus County Sheriff's Department conducted their own tailgating Field Study with Laser Technology engineers to test out the DBC (distance-between-cars) installed in the Ultralyte LR100 laser rangefinder.

After the field study, Naccarato stated "it's having that additional piece of evidence that actually validates what you're looking at and gives you that instant feedback like radar or laser does and that's why we want this in Oregon."

Watch the tailgating validation video field study video for yourself and see how they set up the course and what happened during the study.

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