Tailgating Violations - Can You Read Bumper Stickers on the Car in Front of You?

by admin 18. February 2011 07:55

Can you read the bumper stickers on the car in front of you? If so, you're probably following too closely. Fox News KTRV-TV in Boise, Idaho reports on how the Nampa Police department are keeping an eye out for "tailgaters" with the new camera device that they are using - the Laser Technology TruCAM laser rangefinder with DBC technology. With this device, police can know the distance between two cars and their speeds. Nampa PD has seen an increase in accidents near the Garrity interchange and have determined that most of those crashes were caused by drivers who were following too closely.

Sgt. Matt Pavelek with the Nampa Police Department explains the three second rule which drivers should follow during normal driving conditions and what to do when conditions are wet, icy or visibility is low.

DBC (Distance Between Cars) is a patented software code developed by Laser Technology, Inc. that offers a unique measurement calculation unlike any other laser on the market. This technology calculates the time and distance between two moving vehicles when one is following the other in the same lane and is used with LTI's TruCAM or UltraLyte 100 LR laser speed devices.

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Read the article at Fox News.

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