Construction Zone Speed Enforcement Program Helps Keep Construction Workers Safe

by padkins 5. April 2011 13:15

Wisconsin's local police are using Laser Technology’s UltraLyte laser speed gun within a construction zone disguised as construction workers to catch speeders off guard. Construction zones are becoming increasingly dangerous for the workers and according to WISN Channel 2 News, “Nationwide, some 900 road construction workers get killed in traffic accidents just last year. That is more fatalities than law enforcement officers.” This news coverage is to gain more public awareness in hopes to deter speeding in these dangerous areas. LTI’s laser speed device is ideal for this stretch of highway because the laser beam width is narrow enough to pinpoint a specific vehicle within multilane traffic. It is also important to have the speed data stand up in court, which is why LTI has gone to great lengths to ensure every speed-reading is true and accurate. Only LTI laser speed guns have exclusive Accuracy Validation firmware, which ensures the accuracy of every speed measurement before it even displays a reading.

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Watch Wisconsin State Patrol's Unusual Way To Catch Speeders video

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