Video - South Dakota Highway Patrol Cracking Down on Speeders

by jbartels 14. November 2011 13:13

LTI's UltraLyte Making A Difference In Highway Safety

Law enforcement in Sioux Falls, SD is getting down to business in enforcing the speed limit. In an effort to make Interstate 229 safer for commuters, South Dakota Highway Patrol has adopted LIDAR technology.

Using the LTI's UltraLyte laser speed gun, Sgt. Steve Swenson is able to use pin-point targeting accuracy to target a single speeder in dense traffic. "We can put that dot on a vehicle and its vehicle specific versus the in-car radars that shoot out a cone bean," Swenson said.

LTI 20/20 UltraLyte Laser Speed Gun

The LTI 20/20 UltryLyte provides unmatched versatility at your fingertips and offers a wide variety of add-on options - you can collect and report speed statistics, enforce the 2-second following rule, capture an image of a violator's license plate or even map a crash or crime scene.  The South Dakota Highway Patrol are confident that LIDAR technology will be an effective tool to bring down the rising number of speed-related crashes on the loop.

Laser Technology's UltraLyte Series was created to provide police agencies with the most durable and reliable speed enforcement tools on the market. No other laser on the planet can compare to the UltraLyte’s ruggedness and courtroom reliability, which is why our lasers are used 3 to 1 around the world.

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