TruCAM Now Being Used To Catch Speeders In Western Switzerland

by admin 17. November 2011 12:47
POL in Switzerland using TruCAM
West Lausanne Police acquire
LTI 20/20 TruCAM

West Lausanne Police acquire LTI 20/20 TruCAM

The Police de l'Ouest Lausannois (POL) (in translation: West Lausanne Police) located in Lausanne in the western part of Switzerland, are the first in the area to acquire a Laser Technology's TruCAM laser speed gun to aid officers in enforcing the speed limit.

As Captain Olivier Jaunin explains, "We have thirteen locations with fixed poles at top of which we set our radar - people start to know where these radars are, and they have become accustomed to slow down just before detection." Tired of seeing vehicles speeding up right after the fixed radar, the TruCAM will take care of this problem as the POL are now armed and ready to pull the trigger.

TruCAM Screen Displays Speed
TruCAM Enforces Speeding with Video

Captain Jaunin goes on to explain that the TruCAM will be used "by example where there is no location to park our cars, particularly in 30 km/h areas."

The TruCAM can be positioned anywhere and is 'small and discreet' making it easier also for the officers to enforce the speed in areas that were previously inaccessible. Its performance is validated by the federal supervisory bodies (METAS) and the purchase of this device, a first in Switzerland, was approved by the Executive Committee of the POL.

The TruCAM laser speed gun is a laser and digital video camera all in one, not only measuring the speed of the violator but recording the model of the car, license plate number and facial characteristics of the driver; making it the most sophisticated speed enforcement tool available on the market today.

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