Malaysia Enforces Speed Limit with LTI's TruCAM Speed Gun

by admin 9. February 2012 12:54
TruCAM Being Used in Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur traffic police officer Zaini Abu Seman
recording speeding motorists using a Tru Cam camera

Police in the peninsula of Malaysia have known for a few months now that the TruCAM is very effective in speed enforcement. They have been using TruCAM units in the Klang Valley and in an article by The Star, Bukit Aman police traffic chief Datuk Abd Aziz Yusof said the camera was effective as it saved time. Twenty-five TruCAM units are currently being used in the valley and 35 traffic personnel from Penang, Perlis and Kedah attended a three-day course training on the use of the TruCAM.

Since then, it has been very effective in catching speeding offenders along various highway stretches.  Read the article on the TruCAM by the Star.

Now East Malaysia traffic police have joined in using the TruCAM. In the news article, "High-tech cameras to nab speedhogs" by the Daily Express, Traffic Bukit Aman Technical Procurement head, DSP Ahmad Adnan bin Basri said, "The launching of this high-tech camera was done in the peninsula few months ago and the Bukit Aman police headquarters decided to supply two of these each to Sabah and Sarawak."

The TruCAM captures high resolution pictures that show the vehicle make and model, license plate number of speeding vehicles and is capable of doing so from a maximum distance of 1,200 meters(4,000 ft), and can clock speeders traveling as fast as 320kmh (200mph).

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