Aurora Police Department Using LTI's DBC Technology

by admin 8. May 2012 08:24

Laser Technology's DBC (Distance Between Cars) firmware has recently been adopted by the Police Department in Aurora, Colorado to help them pinpoint aggressive drivers and enforce tailgating "following too closely" violations.

Ultralyte 100 LR with DBC Firmware

In a recent article, Tail tell Technology by the Aurora Sentinel, Sgt. Bill Revelle was reported as watching two cars speeding on Interstate 70 below the Pena Boulevard flyover. Clocked at 71 mph, the second car was just 30 feet behind the first car. That is nowhere near enough time to stop before slamming into the lead car as that would only be less than a second between vehicles. Revelle affirms this by stating, “At that distance, if that car hit its brakes, you have already rear-ended it before you can react.”

Previously relying on only their visual determinations, with the addition of DBC firmware, Aurora Police Department's UltraLyte speed gun can not only crack down on speeding but also let them know how close a vehicle is to the vehicle they're following.

Laser Technology's patented DBC firmware code offers a one of a kind calculation which calculates the time and distance between two moving vehicles that validates and helps crack down on aggressive driving. Read more about how LTI is assisting in tailgating enforcement worldwide.

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