Cracking Down on Aggressive Driving Webinar with

by jbartels 27. June 2012 11:11

Laser Technology, Inc. is sponsoring a webinar that will be hosted by Law, titled “Cracking down on Aggressive Driving.” The webinar will address how local law enforcement agencies can make a difference in keeping the highways safer and will be featuring two guest speakers who are active in law enforcement. Sargent John Naccarato, a member of the Traffic Safety Commission, and Officer Robert Barrett with the Ohio Traffic Bureau, will be sharing their story of how they implemented a public awareness program and made a positive impact on reducing speeding and tailgating related accidents. Road rage and aggressive driving are an epidemic and one of the most common factors that result in serious and fatal traffic accidents.

This webinar will reveal some alarming traffic statistics, explain how you can start a public awareness program in your community and show you how LTI technology is helping to save lives. This is just the beginning of LTI’s efforts to spread the word on the dangers of aggressive driving.

The webinar has ended
August 21, 2012
11:00 am (Eastern Daylight Time)

Thousands of police departments throughout the world already use LTI’s technology. In doing so, they have made a huge difference in their communities in reducing speed related accidents and rear-end collisions caused by following too closely. Read more on how LTI technology is helping officers worldwide in tailgating enforcement.

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