Laser Technology Participating in the 2012 IACP Conference

by mphippen 31. August 2012 10:41

LTI is proud to announce our participation in this year’s IACP Conference in San Diego, CA., Sunday September 30 through Tuesday October 2nd. From our prominent location in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #4925) we will unveil the TruSpeed Sx™ designed to easily perform both speed detection and all mapping chores. Further, we have some other new exciting products that we are going to be showcasing at this conference. We also plan to release the PicoDigiCam™ the latest iteration of the MicroDigiCam. The Pico offers the same chain of evidence the TruCam™ delivers only now can be integrated with your customer’s current laser inventory. LTI is also very excited to introduce iCapture!™ This LTI App is designed to meld with your iPhone or iPad. Any speed registered in the viewfinder can be stored as an image on your iphone or iPad. Whether used for ticketing, visual back up in court, or transmission of images to chase vehicles, there’s a myriad of uses.

If you’ve not seen it, please join us at the IACP Open Air Theater featuring Sergeant John Naccarato of Clackamus County Oregon and Trevor Hall the Managing Director for road safety support in England. They will present “Combat Aggressive Driving in your community and/or country.” It should be noted Trevor Hall oversees the speed measurement device approval process for the European community. In addition, he works closely with the World Health Organization in fund raising projects aimed at helping developing countries looking to establish their own traffic safety programs.

Don't forget! LTI will be giving away a TruSpeed Sx so make sure you stop by our booth and register!

See you at the conference!

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