Traffic Safety Increased in Brazil with Use of Technology

by smiller 8. September 2012 11:58

TruCAM Assists in Speed Enforcement in São Paulo.

Law enforcement in São Paulo, Brazil is turning to LTI's TruCAM photo/video speed enforcement laser to help enforce the speed limit on their highways. Traffic safety has become a big problem, especially with motorcycles, and thanks to TruCAM's technology, they now have a way to have photographic evidence of speeding violators.

TruCAM Helping to Enforce Speed Limit in São Paulo
Sergio Rodrigues, agente de transito (traffic agent)
uses TruCAM to enforce speed limit in São Paulo

Watch the recording of the broadcast Technology helps increase traffic safety São Paulo video of interview done by Alan Severiano, reporter for Jornal Nacional (National Journal). (note: this interview is in Portuguese).

The TruCAM laser speed gun collects and stores it all on video - a high-resolution image that shows vehicle make, model and license plate, paired up with speed, distance, time, location and operation ID information giving a complete chain of video evidence of speeding or tailgating violators. The TruCAM is the final word in traffic enforcement evidence.

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