LTI Laser Speed Gun Detects Tailgating for Florida Officers

by admin 20. September 2012 09:34

Ultralyte 100 LR w/ DBC Brings Lakeland and other Florida cities into the World of Technology.

A number of cities in Florida have moved into the world of high technology by using a new laser speed gun to assist officers in tailgating enforcement. Lakeland officially unveiled the use of this laser gun on Wednesday. Fox 13, My Tampa Bay provided news coverage as officers put LTI's Ultralyte 100 LR with DBC through the paces of catching tailgaters.

Lakeland Police Target Tailgaters
Lakeland Police Target Tailgaters
(screen shot pulled from Fox 13 News video)

Elvia Malagon of the Lakeland Ledger reported that "Lakeland police will use three UltraLyte 100 LR devices, which can record how close a car is traveling to another in terms of seconds and distance." The goal with using these laser speed guns are to help reduce the number of what are considered "preventable" rear-end collisions.

Ken Suarez, reporter with Fox 13 states "As you know following to closely can lead to problems, but it is incredible how often, here in Lakeland half the rear end crashes in Lakeland are a result of it." As told to Malagon, "This year, through May, Lakeland police issued 27 citations to drivers for following too closely. Of those, 17 were issued after a crash occurred, Waterman said."

Up until now, police in Lakeland had been using the technique 'eyeballing it' and a stopwatch to catch tailgating offenders. The use of these laser speed guns and the new education campaign that Lakeland have kicked off will help officers enforce tailgating citations with undisputable evidence and also educate people on the dangers of following too close.

In an interview with WFLA-News Channel 8, Lakeland Officer David Waterman stated, "If you're less than 1.5 seconds from the vehicle in front of you, then we're going to write you a ticket for following too close," Channel 8 Anthony Allred reported, "During the 9 day trial period Lakeland police wrote more than 300 citations for following too close. That's a huge number of tickets for that period of time."

We've all done it at one time or another, but we need to be more aware of how we are driving and how dangerous it can be to tailgate. Check and see if you are an offender of following too close, use the three-second rule - pick out a landmark ahead and when the car in front of you reaches it start counting, stop counting when you pass that same landmark. If it's less than three seconds, you are one of these offenders.

Fox 13 goes on to report that other cities in Florida that will be using these laser speed guns include Tampa and Hillsborough County and the FHP (Florida Highway Patrol) will also be getting these soon.

Tailgaters beware! LTI's Ultralyte LR with DBC (Distance Between Cars) technology gives officers the capability to measure speeds and calculate the time and distance between two following vehicles. So please drive safely. Read more on DBC tailgating firmware.

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