NHTSA Releases Traffic Fatalities Projections for First Half of 2012

by mphippen 10. October 2012 14:19

TruCAM and DBC Software Help Officers Enforce Traffic Safety.

According to the 2012 third quarter edition of “On the Safe Side” a monthly newsletter published by the AARP, NHTSA has just released their projections for fatalities the first half of this year indicating a 9% increase totaling 16,290! “It represents the largest increase in the first six months of a year since numbers were first projected in 1975.” The newsletter went on to list professionals responsible for driver safety such as; vehicle manufacturers, road designers, traffic engineers, legislators, educators, and researchers needing to work collectively to make our nation’s roadways safer. While true enough, did you notice an important group missing in the list outlined by the AARP? It’s obvious isn’t it? The traffic cop! Without enforcement of our traffic laws the carnage would be off the charts!

Traffic fatalities have risen in the first half of 2012.
Traffic fatalities have risen in the first half of 2012.

If we’re looking for valid reasons for the dramatic jump in traffic fatalities let me offer a couple. I understand the buzz words “Working toward zero deaths” but until those drivers with no concern for their own safety let alone drivers sharing the road with them, zero deaths are not likely. An increase in aggressive driving continues to be the primary factor in the percentage of fatalities. Speeding, tailgating, red light running and road rage have been a part of the driving landscape since Boston, MA produced the first state issued license plate in 1903!

Another reason for the increased fatality rate is distracted driving, in particular cell phone use and texting. This behavior has the dubious distinction of gaining on excessive speed as the chief factor in fatal crashes. The proliferation of cell phones, GPS devices, email, and texting is growing exponentially! When you add grooming, eating/drinking, reading, passengers, and fiddling with entertainment it’s not hard to understand why traffic fatalities are way up.

TruCAM with DBC help officers enforce driving safely.

Those drivers that would put us at risk with careless behavior behind the wheel need to be strongly reminded of their obligation to obey all traffic laws when driving. TruCam is the absolute best tool out there to mitigate this outrageous behavior! Equipped with a high resolution video camera, Distance Between Cars software (for tailgating), and the pin point targeting only LTI Lasers can deliver, traffic officers can make those stops with confidence. Armed with video, still photos, and with mathematical certainty, court rooms can easily assess guilt on every challenge!

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