Indiana State Police Enforce Tailgating and Speeding with LIDAR

by mphippen 24. October 2012 14:26

THE TECHNOLOGY IS HERE…is your department ready to make a difference?

Have you ever been driving down the highway whistling to a favorite tune, and for once actually enjoying the drive when a quick glance in the rearview mirror changes everything? There it is, the entire grill of a Peterbilt bearing down on you changing your demeanor from calm to abject fear! The “Fight or Flight” adrenaline kicks in but while driving which one is available? Meanwhile the truck driver continues to harass while you drive ‘white knuckled.’

TruCAM with DBC Technology helps enforce tailgating and speeding
TruCAM with DBC technology

While the majority of our nation’s commercial truck drivers are professionals and understand all too well the dangers of the road, yet the FHWA will tell you there are still plenty of nitwits operating large trucks while driving menacingly. Here are some notable statistics:

  • 2009 - 33,808 people killed in vehicle crashes
  • 10% died in crashes involving a large truck (10,000 lbs plus)
  • 74,000 people were injured in crashes involving large trucks
  • 3% involved HAZMAT or dangerous loads released during a crash
  • Top driver related factors for large trucks and passenger vehicles were the same; driving too fast

Although not surprising, I found it interesting that according to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) of the top 20 crash factors excessive speed, aggressive driving, and following too closely made the top 12! “Prescription drug use” was the number one factor.

In an article posted by “Gary” it addressed the ongoing problem of truck congestion and subsequent issues created by the ‘The Big Three;’ Speeding, Aggressive Driving, and Tailgating. The article further detailed how the ISP (Indiana State Police) are using TruCam to mitigate the above behaviors by issuing warnings and actually cite tailgaters following at less than a second interval.

The stretch of road being discussed, “The Borman Expressway,” is notorious for the many large truck accidents. The road was designed to relieve congestion on the section west of I-65 through Gary, IN. to and from Chicago on I-80/90. Before the Borman opened, I can remember driving through that stretch passing a five mile long chain of large trucks slowly moving bumper to bumper! Now that several lanes have been added it’s become a very dangerous section of the highway.

Sgt Wanda Clay who has been at the forefront of the Borman enforcement effort, was on an overpass monitoring traffic with Laser Technology’s TruCam. She measured several trucks for tailgating using the DBC (Distance Between Cars) feature that quantifies this deadly behavior. “It was .07 seconds,” Clay said in reference to the time elapsed between the lead vehicle and the trailing vehicle. “That’s a ticket. We have the tools now. We’re tired of coming out here; we’ve got so many…,” referring to crashes involving large trucks.

Indiana State Police unveiled technology that allows them to track aggressive driving.

Not having to rely on a personal judgment call frees the operator to enforce tailgating laws with confidence! They know full well the event will be documented and put into context by a high resolution video camera with stills of the plate and driver removing all doubt as to guilt!

The technology is available now. TruCam IS the final say in traffic enforcement. Like Sgt Clay, what it boils down to is the willingness and desire of law enforcement to put a dent in this outrageous behavior and get involved!

Email or call 1-800-OWN-A-LTI for a practical demonstration

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