TruCAM Distributed In Thailand

by admin 31. July 2013 13:15

Road transport is one of the main transportation means in a country which parts of, especially the city of Bangkok, are infamous for traffic jams and road accidents occurring on a daily basis. The majority of accidents seem to happen particularly in car parks throughout Thailand. The Department of Transport recognized a need for new technologies to help their police authorities and officers work more efficiently and so the Department of Land Transport Project was born.

Laser Technology's TruCAM, a one-of-a-kind laser speed gun integrated with a digital video camera, was selected as the "tool of choice" to help with speed enforcement and traffic safety, and with the support of SYNC and ESI, 86 TruCAM sets were distributed to every province in Thailand.

Derake Vongchinsri, President of Solution Corner (1998) Public Co.,Ltd.; Sync Technology Co., Ltd (Sync); Environmental Solution Integrator Co., Ltd (ESI), stated "This project could not be successful without the dedicated supports from LTI (Laser Technology, Inc.) and we thank LTI once again for their kind cooperations."

On July 18, Thailand's law enforcement authorities were trained how to use the TruCAM - their new laser speed enforcement tool. Spring News Channel in Thailand reported on the live training of the officers -- enjoy and watch the video of broadcast.

Watch video of TruCAM training in Thailand
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