Brazilian Police Surprise Speeders with New Speed Enforcement Tool

by mphippen 26. November 2013 11:31

The Key to Highway Safety on the Roads of Brazil - The TruSpeed S Laser Speed Device!

The Brazilian Federal Highway Police, knowing LTI to be the leader in laser-based speed enforcement tools, took a look at the TruSpeed S laser speed device and liked what they saw. The TruSpeed S is now currently being tested and used by the Brazilian Federal Highway Police to enforce the speed limit on their roadways. With the laser in hand, the Brazilian Federal Police managed to recently catch quite a few speed violators on a major stretch of highway in Brazil.

Brazilian FHP use TruSpeed S
Laser Speed Device to Enforce Speed Limit

In a news story broadcast last week from Sao Paulo the Brazilian Federal Police were featured testing the new generation of LTI’s state-of-the-art laser speed measurement device; TruSpeed-S. Designed binocular style, with a rugged exterior weighing less than 200 grams, and a capture range of up to 1 kilometer, surprised Brazilian motorists on a stretch of highway from Sao Paul to Belo Horizonte.

One of the Federal Police stated, "The process all happens very quickly before the driver is aware, focus the zoom, shoot and record the speed." The drive between Sao Paulo and Belo is almost 600 kilometers and is notorious for excessive speeds. The posted speed limit for light vehicles is 110 kph with heavy vehicles restricted to 90 kph. In other parts of the roadway the posted speed limits are lower still. The TruSpeed S is causing quite a stir for motorists used to speeding unabated.

In only a few days of testing on this stretch of highway, over 200 motorists have been cited for speeding! One truck was clocked at 153 kph (about 96 mph) and of course was flagged over and ticketed. When interviewed he agreed he was going too fast and deserved the fine. Another cited motorist was asked, "What will you do now?" He shrugs and says "I guess I will need to pay."

One of the primary goals the Federal Highway Police have is to lower overall speeds and the associated accident rates. As most traffic enforcement professionals know, excessive speed is nearly always a contributing factor in traffic related fatalities. The inexpensive TruSpeed S has made it possible for the Brazilian Federal Highway Police to accomplish these important goals and objectives.

After the testing is complete, the FHP plan to roll out a speed enforcement program the likes of which Brazilian motorists have never seen. Highway safety will improve dramatically with the addition of TruSpeed S!

It's said that "imitation is the highest form of flattery." Laser Technology’s family of laser speed measurement tools just might be the most imitated product line since man discovered the wheel! Ever since the formal release of TruSpeed-S the competitors have come out of the woodwork to imitate it. So if you've yet to experience the best and least expensive laser speed gun in the market, please call 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or email us for a practical demonstration.

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