Enforcing Mumbai's Traffic Laws with Laser Technology's Laser Speed Devices

by mphippen 11. December 2013 08:39

Once again Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) and its laser speed enforcement tools come to the aid of another burgeoning Asian city. With a population of over 20 million people Mumbai (formerly Bombay) India has a problem. Not just congested roads and bad drivers, but logistical issues as well. In total they have 33,000 police officers or 165 per 100,000 citizens! The Traffic Police are hopeful the PicoDigiCam and TruSpeed SE laser speed gun will make them much more effective when enforcing Mumbai's traffic laws.

LTI demonstrates the PicoDigiCam
and TruSpeed Se to Mumbai Traffic Police.

According to OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) roads in Mumbai are in moderate condition, but the city's infrastructure is not keeping pace with its rapid growth. There is extreme traffic congestion in Mumbai that limits the number of high speed traffic accidents/fatalities. Officials in Mumbai report that approximately 72,000 accidents occur every year, resulting in an average of 14,000 deaths. Just imagine what it would be should average speeds go up!

Fifty-seven of every 100 people who die on Mumbai's roads are pedestrians, according to Road Safety Assessment for Mumbai, a first-of-its-kind study conducted by the Traffic Police and EMBARQ India, a transport think tank.

Radar being completely useless in the extreme congestion became the primary reason Ricky D'Souza LTI's Regional Sales Manager for South and Central Asia and Turbo Consultants, LTI's Dealer in India were invited to several planning meetings as well as to demonstrate LTI's newest state-of-the-art laser the PicoDigiCam.

With Mr. Vivek Phansalkar the Mumbai Commissioner of Police orchestrating the events, he sent deputy commissioner Pratap Dighavkar and other police inspectors for the demonstration. They watched with interest and took note of how the ruggedized TruSpeed SE was used in conjunction with Pico DigiCam offering an inexpensive portable video/speed enforcement camera. Now instead of stopping each violator to issue a ticket, a high resolution digital camera captures license plate data facilitating that ticket in the mail. Obviously this is far safer as well as more efficient; providing the leverage the Mumbai Traffic Police needed so badly.

With the testing period nearly complete, Commissioner Phansalkar will begin enforcement efforts in earnest to dramatically reduce the crash and fatality rates that plague the citizens of Mumbai.

If your jurisdiction hasn't begun an aggressive driver mitigation program or radar is your primary speed enforcement tool, please contact us to put a laser speed device unit in your hands and take it for a test drive!

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