Hong Kong Begins Aggressive Driving / Speed Enforcement Campaign with TruCAM

by mphippen 14. December 2013 09:14

LTI 20-20 Marksman, UltraLyte 100LR, and now TruCAM represent the level of commitment the Hong Kong Police has toward highway safety. In a televised news report from Hong Kong last week, Laser Technology's TruCAM laser speed gun was featured alongside a new digital Breathalyzer. On December 15, 2013 the Police Department will begin an enforcement campaign to rein in aggressive and/or drunk drivers.

TruCAM being used in enforcement campaign in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has a population of 7.15 million all squeezed into a 426 square mile area approximately the size of New York City. This kind of density will of course translate into serious traffic congestion issues; the primary reason Hong Kong Police sought out the TruCAM. According to the news story there's been an ever increasing problem with tickets being contested. Sound familiar?

Further, the story revealed that 140 officers have already completed training with 23 brand new TruCAMs and will be ready to go on the 15th. If that wasn't enough, TruCAM also enables officers to plug in all deployment data such as officer's name, location and speed limit and speed at which they would like to record the incident to an SD card. Once the offense is captured, they will also have a record of the date/time, distance at which the offense was taken.

TruCAM comes with a high resolution video camera that supports the officer by tracking the aggressive driver's speed as well as documenting mathematically when tailgating; always putting the violation in context. So, when a ticketed driver disputes the charge, the judge simply rolls the video to easily decide whose testimony is valid and which one is wishful thinking. My advice to Hong Kong drivers caught with TruCAM….pay the fine and go quietly.

Hong Kong drivers be looking for your local police on roadsides and footbridges, they'll be looking for you!

If you've not had a chance to put a TruCAM in your hands, you're missing out on the ultimate traffic enforcement tool. Call or email us to set up a practical demonstration at your department.

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