TruSpeed Laser Speed Guns Provide Solution for Meridian PD

by admin 4. February 2014 11:36

Laser Technology Provides Hands-On Training of Speed Enforcement Technology

TruSpeed laser speed gun training
with Meridian Police Department.

The Meridian, Mississippi Police Department recently contacted Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) for a better solution for speed enforcement. The radar units that were currently being used in the department were not providing them with all the functionality needed to catch speeding violators on their highways. It was explained to LTI that officers were experiencing problems getting a fix on a single vehicle during heavy traffic hours in the morning and afternoon. Bryan Willis, Sales Rep for Laser Technology, offered them the perfect solution -- the TruSpeed laser speed gun.

A demonstration and training of the TruSpeed was held where officers tracked the speed of vehicles on a bridge overpass overlooking a 60 MPH section of I-20.

Meridian PD track speed of vehicles
with the TruSpeed laser speed gun.

With LTI's TruSpeed, they were easily able to target a single vehicle to check for speeding violations. Like all LTI laser speed measurement devices, the TruSpeed series of laser speed guns have pinpoint targeting, which enables officers to effectively distinguish the speed and direction of a single vehicle in multi-lane traffic - a major advantage over radar technology.

The Meridian Police department received first-hand experience with LTI's 'Measurably Superior' technology and chose to purchase our TruSpeed units for enforcing the speed limit in their city. Bryan also demonstrated the new TruSpeed Sx laser speed measurement and mapping device to the officers which they liked even better due to its wide field of view.

Laser Technology can provide the perfect solution for your law enforcement agency too. For more information, check out our Traffic Safety Products section on our website and for a hands-on practical demonstration contact us at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or Contact LTI.

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