Connecticut Police Work to Stop Tailgating

by kharrold 12. March 2014 13:48

Aggressive driving habits are an issue on every highway; affecting the safety of innocent drivers throughout the nation. Connecticut State Police started a campaign March 1, 2014 to combat these aggressive driving behaviors. The goal of this anti-aggressive driving campaign is to improve overall highway safety in Connecticut and will run through March 31, 2014. The most enforceable aggressive driving behavior is "tailgating" or "following too closely," referring to not allowing a safe distance, per your speed, between your car and the car ahead of you. Connecticut officers will have the help of Laser Technology, Inc.'s (LTI) UltraLyte 100 LR with the Distance Between Cars or DBC feature to help cite offenses.

LTI's UltraLyte 100 LR with DBC helps officers
with tailgating aka aggressive driving enforcement.

Traditionally, following too closely was just confirmed by observation but due to these officers using LTI's DBC feature, the tailgating offenses are verifiable. The UltraLyte 100 LR and LTI TruCAM both possess tailgating firmware that validates violations by capturing the individual speed of two vehicles traveling in the same lane and within close proximity of each other. The laser speed device then calculates the time and distance between the two moving vehicles.

The Connecticut campaign will cover several highways and affect the towns of Hartford, New Haven, Meriden, Middletown and Old Saybrook. Connecticut officers report that in one area of Connecticut, "statistics show 31 percent of the accidents are the result of drivers following too close." Hopefully enforcing the laws against these aggressive driving behaviors can reduce the number and severity of accidents, keeping the roads safer for everyone.

Read more information about LTI’s full line of Traffic Safety products and how our products are helping officers with Tailgating Enforcement. For a demonstration of how LTI Traffic Safety products can work for you or for more information call 1.866.696.2584 to speak to a representative.

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