LTI International Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting and InterTraffic 2014 Recap

by padkins 15. April 2014 11:00

Laser Technology International Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting

2014 Team Picture of the LTI Staff
and International Dealers

March 23 through March 28, 2014 was an extremely busy time for the staff of Laser Technology, Inc., (LTI) and many of its international authorized dealers. Both LTI's Annual International Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting and InterTraffic 2014 Trade Show took place almost simultaneously in the beautiful and bustling city of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The 2014 LTI Dealer Meeting was hosted at the Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in the City Center area of Amsterdam and the bi-annual InterTraffic 2014 trade show took place at the spacious and historic RAI convention center.

LTI’s CEO David Williams presenting State of the Union

65 people were in attendance at the dealer meeting, 55 of which represented 31 individual companies from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and many places in between. The dealer meeting featured presentations from several departments from LTI, such as International Sales, Marketing and Engineering.

David Williams, Laser Technology's CEO and others from LTI's executive management team gave a "State of the Union" address in which they explained the financial stability of the company and expected growth potential.

Arnie Clarke, Laser Technology's International Export Director, examined industry trends the company is seeing in the various regions around the world. LTI Regional Country Managers also gave an in-depth explanation about all the opportunities they see in hopes to motivate and duplicate what other authorized dealers around the world should pursue.

LTI's dealer, Igbal Singh Jagdeva, Turbo Security India,
shares his thoughts on intelligent traffic management

The Engineering team gave LTI dealers the latest update regarding some of the current research and development projects along with status reports on product solutions that are underway and getting ready to be released into the marketplace.

LTI also shared the stage with Igbal Singh Jagdeva, CEO of Turbo Security - India, who shared some exciting projects in which he was currently involved. Mr. Jageva's intentions were to educate the dealer group of some obstacles, challenges and opportunities he is facing.

Phil Lack with Laser Technology Australia set up a live
video feed of LTI’s TruSense T-series in action

Phil Lack, CEO of Laser Technology Australia, spearheaded a traffic management project working closely with VicRoads from Melbourne, Australia. Five dual traffic laser systems are mounted onto a gantry and looking straight down to cover the traffic flow for each lane. The TruSense T-series are scanning vehicles 24 hours a day and calculating precise vehicle speed, height, length, headway and occupancy data in real-time. Both Phil and a representative from VicRoads co-presented their project at LTI's dealer meeting with a live video feed of all the traffic data being collected. This same video feed was broadcasted live in LTI's Intertraffic stand, which ended up being the main attraction.

LTI's Europe/Africa Sales Manager Franck Margerin
conducts PicoDigiCam operation training.

LTI hosted a full day dealer meeting on Monday, 24 but the momentum in dealer engagement certainly did not stop there. On both Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, Mike Rieger, Laser Technology's Director of Technical Support hosted product service training on LTI's TruCAM®, the PicoDigiCAM® and TruFlash® as well as the TruSpeed® S series. Ricky D'Souza, Laser Technology's South and Central Asia Sales Manager, and Franck Margerin, Laser Technology's Europe and Africa Sales Manager, conducted two days' worth of product operation training. These types of trainings are pivotal to the success of LTI's distribution channels and are what starts to develop their expertise with LTI's traffic enforcement equipment.

LTI's high-activity stand showcasing
traffic management sensors
and fixed installation equipment.

2014 Intertraffic Conference

This year the conference hosted 800 exhibitors from over 40 countries worldwide that show cased their latest products for the intelligent traffic management market. Show organizers estimated that over 27,000 people were in attendance and almost everyone there was a decision maker.

LTI brought a few new product offerings that spoke loudly to this particular target market. The PicoDigiCam® product and the TruSense® T-Series T100/T200 traffic sensors, were on display in LTI's stand at the exhibition.

InterTraffic 2014 Daily News article regarding
LTI Australia's test project with VicRoads.

The T100/T200 were promoted with classification and speed monitoring software, allowing the traffic engineers in attendance to see the non-intrusive alternative for traffic sensors. This set-up garnered a lot of ‘buzz’ at the show and even made its way into the InterTraffic 2014 daily news, which was part of this year's convention.

Everyone at LTI is looking forward to the next Dealer meeting at their headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA, in 2015 and then again, at the 2016 InterTraffic conference in Amsterdam, which has always proven to be a great opportunity to showcase new technology, share ideas, and connect with traffic management business professionals.

If you would like more information before then, please view LTI's Traffic Safety section of our website and/or contact us at 1.800.OWN.A.LTI or via email.

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