LTI TruSense T-Series Traffic Sensors Take Measurements in Melbourne

by padkins 17. April 2014 09:41

Laser Technology Australia is currently working with VicRoads and has installed several sets of LTI's TruSenseĀ® T-series traffic sensors at a new baseline testing site on M80 Ring Road in Melbourne. Five dual traffic laser systems are mounted onto a gantry and looking straight down to cover the traffic flow for each lane. The non-intrusive TruSense T-series are scanning vehicles 24 hours a day and calculating precise vehicle speed, height, length, headway and occupancy data in real-time. The raw measurement values can also be used to report profile data for vehicle classification.

The TruSense T-series have the ability to consistently produce extremely rapid pulse rates and highly accurate measurements that generate vehicle lengths within centimeters and speeds within one decimal place, which are critical for VicRoads' occupancy calculations. The test site will remain operational for a number of years and will allow VicRoads to trial other traffic sensors and benchmark their performance against the TruSense T-series.

There are plans to have the sensors data output to be configured to feed directly into the VicRoads Traffic Management system. A live video feed with all the traffic data being collected was broadcasted live in LTI's stand at Intertraffic 2014 - watch a video clip taken from the live feed below.

LTI's TruSense T-Series Laser Sensors Measure Speed and Traffic Flow In Melbourne, Australia.

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Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) is the leading manufacturer and designer of pulse lasers for speed enforcement, professional measurement applications as well as industrial lasers and intelligent traffic sensors.

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