LTI Marksman Laser Speed Gun Still In Use Today

by mphippen 18. June 2014 11:46

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI), designed and manufactures UltaLyte, TruSpeed, TruCam, TruSpeedSx, and the Laser Speed App for 'Smart Phones.' These state-of-the-art speed enforcement tools are truly indicative of LTI's commitment to stay on the leading edge of technology, bringing it home to our worldwide customer base.

If you've been in law enforcement for a few years you've probably noticed when LTI releases a new product our competition is satisfied to only copy! That said, it is the highest form of flattery isn't it?

Sgt. Bobby Dale of Irmo, SC Traffic Unit
using LTI Marksman for speed enforcement.

Our commitment to excellence began early on. The very first 'Marksman' pulse laser speed gun was put to work in March 1991 at the Cedar Rapids, IA Traffic Unit. After training, they began writing tickets in areas where radar was difficult or ineffective and has since revolutionized traffic enforcement.

I met Sgt Bobby Dale in Nashville, TN at this year's 'Lifesavers' Conference. He stopped by LTI's booth where he explained the Irmo, SC Traffic Unit still uses the 'Marksman'’ purchased some twenty years ago when Bobby was knee-high to a grasshopper! Missing a few knobs, dinged and dented he said the old laser gun is still in calibration; works every day without a hitch. The photos were provided by Sgt Dale.

Weighing nearly 6 lbs, needing a 12 volt battery, the 'Marksman' was engineered and built to last as evidenced by the many departments still refusing to trade up for our newer lighter self-contained units. With solid-state assembly, an extruded aluminum frame and side covers they have survived being run over, falling from the roof of a speeding squad car in pursuit, banging around in a Motor Officer's pannier, as well as being dropped some 30 feet off an overpass! Now retired, Joe Moore a grizzled veteran of Dayton, OH's traffic enforcement unit once told me, "The Marksman is the only equipment I've seen that truly is cop proof."

LTI Marksman Laser Speed Gun -
twenty something years old and still going strong!

Our obsession with building the most accurate, reliable and durable equipment on the planet can be found in every unit shipped. When the department goes shopping for speed enforcement tools, remember LTI can deliver not only accurate speeds, but high res video/still evidence, elapsed time & range between vehicles, accident investigation, and Smart Phone applications as well. It's comforting to know that reliability and durability are included!

If you haven't had the opportunity to test drive an LTI laser speed gun, do yourself a favor and see our Traffic Safety products, then call 1.800.OWN.A.LTI or email us for a practical demonstration.

Take a moment before you leave and go back in time to read about the history of the Marksman laser speed gun.

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