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by BFerry 14. July 2014 14:54

LTI Business Partner to Hold Training for Crash Zone and Crime Zone

Many Police Agencies use The Crash Zone for accident scene diagramming and The Crime Zone for crime scene diagramming. Both of these applications are written by The CAD Zone, Inc. LTI's mapping packages offer the CrashZone desktop diagramming software as an option and agencies who purchase The Crash Zone are given a brief overview of the software at the time of original Laser Technology (LTI) Accident Kit purchases. Many times, agencies have requested advanced training in these software programs to enhance their accident scene and crime scene diagramming skills.

LTI's partner, Northeast Diagramming Services, will hold basic and advanced training on The CAD Zone suite of software at the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ from Sept 15 - 19, 2014. This week long course will give students an in-depth understanding of this powerful accident and crime scene diagramming tool to get the most out of their LTI Crash Zone/Crime Zone accident investigation solutions.

Register for this training at CAD Zone Training. Students who successfully complete this course will be awarded 30 ACTAR credits.

Read more information on The CAD Zone and how LTI's products assist with crash investigations.

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