Laser Technology Dealer Creates "App Pack" with TruSpeed Sxb and SpeedCapture

by kharrold 12. August 2014 12:22

Howard de Iongh, Managing Director of Trans-Atlantic Equipment Limited, first saw Laser Technology Inc.'s (LTI) new TruSpeed Sxb and LaserSoft SpeedCapture app in Amsterdam during Laser Technology, Inc.'s (LTI's) annual Traffic Safety Dealer Meeting and the2014 InterTraffic conference. "When I saw the system in Amsterdam, I immediately saw the advantage of offering such a system to some niche markets here in South Africa," states Howard.

Trans-Atlantic Equipment is traffic law enforcement equipment reseller, located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is preparing to introduce the TruSpeed Sxb App Pack. The TruSpeed Sxb is a Bluetooth® enabled speed measurement and mapping laser that syncs with the SpeedCapture app to take and store pictures of vehicles. In addition, the app embeds the time, location, speed and distance data within the photo for indisputable evidence.

Howard plans to package the solution with a 12V battery that charges the provided rechargeable batteries to ensure the operator will have backup, if needed, for the TruSpeed Sxb and the cellphone. Howard tells us, "Cellphones are extremely powerful technological innovation. LTI has taken this technology and combined it with what I reckon is the best, most accurate performing laser speed detector in the world, the TruSpeed Sxb."

The TruSpeed Sxb, Samsung S4, 12V rechargeable battery, rechargeable batteries for the laser, tripod and bag, user manual and calibration certificate will all be packaged in a durable but lightweight aluminum carrying case. The purchase of the user-friendly App Pack includes training.

Many police departments in South Africa use the LTI TruCAM, an all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera. The TruSpeed Sxb with LaserSoft SpeedCapture app is a more affordable alternative and offers seven-power optics.

The on-hand evidence that the system provides is "ideal for the smaller municipalities and for stop-and-write situations where the motorist will be stopped and not sent a notice through the post," Howard explains. "The images will be used as additional evidence in the event of a court case." Mr. de longh believes that the system could also become very popular with private institutions like mines and game reserves that also need to enforce traffic rules.

For more information, visit the Traffic Safety section of our website and for a hands-on practical demonstration contact us at 1-800-OWN-A-LTI or Contact LTI.

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