LTI's Laser Speed Guns Help Enforce Speed Limit Over Labor Day Weekend

by mphippen 8. September 2014 08:59

"Over The River and Through The Woods….." Road to Grandma's House no Laughing Matter

Laser Technology Inc. proudly supports our nation's traffic enforcement officers. TruCam, TruSpeed, TruSpeed Sx, and DBC firmware for quantifying "Tailgating" and Aggressive Driving, were in full force over the Labor Day weekend.

LTI's TruSpeed Laser Speed Gun helps
CT State Police monitor speeds on the highways.

A Hartford, CT online news story featured the CT State Police using a TruSpeed laser speed gun to monitor highway speeds. This particular campaign was designed to beef up enforcement in rural Connecticut. When the topic turns to traffic fatalities, many assume the majority of excessive speed fatals occur in high density traffic areas. That would be a false assumption. According to NHTSA officials, "data that shows driving too fast for conditions or faster than posted speed limits top the list of drivers involved in fatal crashes. In addition, most fatalities occur on roads with a posted speed limit of 30 mph or less."

Obviously the above stats point toward two lane rustication scenarios. Rural America's roads are nearly always associated with few chances to pass and multiple turns that limit the driver's vision. When combined with excessive speed and/or distracted driving it's a disaster waiting to happen. It's not a matter of if but a question of when.

Traffic enforcement and subsequent fines for the above still remain the most effective way to get drivers to slow down and pay attention. According to the story, "So far more than 1,100 speeding tickets have been handed out. There were more than a hundred seatbelt violations and nearly 2,500 hazardous moving violations like using a cell phone."

We are quickly approaching the holiday season. Bad weather affecting road conditions tends to exacerbate the problem, so remember; going to Grandma's house in the country shouldn't be taken lightly as it's fraught with danger!

Those traffic enforcement officers using TruSpeed laser speed guns have the unique ability to select offenders and instantly capture their speed regardless of the offender's position in a single lane of traffic. This would be impossible if using radar! Further, if they're using TruCam they've got the added ability to enforce aggressive driving by using the DBC (Distance Between Cars) mode that provides the range and elapsed time between lead vehicle and the offending vehicle; all recorded in high resolution digital video and ready for court.

The next time you see a traffic officer doing his job; give them a thumbs up as the life they're saving could be yours!

If you've not yet had the opportunity to put one of LTI's family of traffic enforcement lasers in your hands please email or call us at 1.800.OWN.A.LTI for a practical demonstration.

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