Laser Technology Speed Lasers Assist New York State with Enforcement

by kharrold 18. September 2014 14:00

New York news station WGRZ featured a news story this week about two of the state's top ten "speed traps." A speed trap commonly refers to a place where vehicle speeds are known to frequently exceed posted limits and police or troopers sit to pull over speeders. Speed reduction zones, school zones or high-speed freeways, in addition to certain geographic features, can be contributing factors in why drivers exceed the limit in those locations.

In 2013 almost 4,000 speeding tickets issued on highway 290, in the Town of Tonawanda, the number six top speed trap in the state. Where is the number one speed trap in New York State? Reports point to the town of Cheektowaga on I-90 with more than 5,800 tickets in 2013, which beats the second place trap by over 1000 tickets. Both of these areas are in Erie County and New York State Troopers report in the news clip that it is the second largest metropolitan area in the state, with more traffic than the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York City. Speeders have been clocked going upwards of 100 MPH.

Watch video of news story of Western New York two top speed traps.
WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, NY - 09-15-2014

Troopers don't want you to think that you are being trapped. New York State Trooper Mike Niezgoda stated in the clip, "I look at it as we're doing our job." What is helping the troopers with accurately identifying offenders is equipment from Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI). State and local police use a variety of LTI speed laser to catch these violators. "A laser just gives us the ability to pinpoint right in on a specific vehicle," said Trooper Morales. "There's a little red dot right inside the laser. You put that red dot right on the car and it tells you the exact speed the car is going."

In the WGRZ video the officer is pictured with a TruSpeed S, which possesses state-of-the-art technology, has a rugged exterior and offers unmatched value for the price, allowing states like New York to get the best technology in the hands of as many officers as possible. Officers love the TruSpeed S because it weighs less than a pound, fits in the palm of their hand and has pinpoint targeting.

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