2014 NLEC Participants Win In More Ways Than One

by kharrold 23. October 2014 11:46

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) ) and IACP's National Law Enforcement Challenge (NLEC) organization joined forces leading up to the 2014 NLEC application deadline on May 1, 2014, to educate applicants about the changes to the program. LTI and NLEC representatives co-hosted three webcasts, from October 2013 to February 2014, preparing applicants for the application process. Five complete enforcement systems were gifted by LTI to departments who participated in the webcast series and the National Law Enforcement Challenge. Winners received an LTI 20/20 TruCAM, a fully integrated laser speed device and digital video camera capable of capturing high resolution images of a violator's license plate, or a TruSpeed Sxb and LaserSoft SpeedCapture app, a complete enforcement system with 7-power scope magnification.

Howard Hall, Key Presenter of Webinar Series and
Chair of IACP’s Law Enforcement Challenge subcommittee

LTI's Traffic Safety Product Manager Vinny Alvino contacted the winners and inquired about their biggest challenges. Lt. McKendry, representing Gloucester Township Police, found the webinar very helpful with the changes in the application process and won a TruCAM for his department. When asked about the biggest challenge that he and his department faces, Lt. McKendry touched on the nationwide speeding epidemic. "There is a lack of public education on the speed issue. Constant education and enforcement is needed to aid in changing driver behavior," states Lt. McKendry.

Officer Brian Cluever from the Traffic Investigations Unit at Carol Stream Police Department won a TruCAM. Officer Cluever was very pleased because the biggest challenge the Carol Stream Police Department faces is "equipping all of our patrol officers with laser devices." Although all their cars are equipped with radar, "most officers prefer lasers because they are more reliable and have a very strong reputation in court," states Officer Cluever. In addition to the added enforcement tools from LTI, Carol Stream also won 3rd place in the NLEC 26-75 officer division.

The Calvert County Sheriff's Office also won a 2014 NLEC award. Placing second in the 51-250 officer division, Calvert County found out about the webcast series after downloading the NLEC application. DFC. M. Robshaw registered, attended and won a TruCAM for his department. Robshaw identifies the biggest challenges in his area to be lack of civilian education about traffic violations paired with lack of manpower for enforcement.

Chris Dale of the Hall County Sheriff's Office also had a leg up preparing their NLEC application by attending the webinars, allowing the department to win third place in the 251+ division. On top of that big win, Hall County Sheriff's office is now a proud owner of a TruSpeed Sxb and LaserSoft SpeedCapture app package. This addition is needed because Chris Dale states, "Like most agencies, our budget is limited and we only have a small percentage of traffic enforcement tools that can be distributed to marked patrol units, other than the traffic unit." Also similar to the feeling of the other officers interviewed, Hall County citizens lack education on issues like "speeding, move-over law, slow-poke law, and distracted driving," says Dale.

The NLEC webcast series was extremely successful with hundreds of attendees. Many of the LTI prize winners who attended the webcast were also NLEC winners’, meaning the valuable information was used to their advantage. Those who won equipment and awards are not the only winners; the communities that house these departments will ultimately benefit from the increased enforcement and protection offered by their commendable law enforcement agencies.

To learn more about arming your department with the right tools visit our traffic safety page today and call 1-877-696-2584 for a demonstration.

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