Laser Technology to Release 5 Exciting New Products and Show Specials at this Year's IACP 2015 Conference

by padkins 28. July 2015 07:13

The annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference is always an exciting time. You get to reconnect with old friends, meet new ones and see the latest and greatest in law enforcement practices and technology. IACP's 2015 Conference held October 24-27 in Chicago will be no exception, especially with the exciting new products and solutions law enforcement professionals will see for the first time. All IACP attendees who visit our booth can walk away with a $250 manufacture's rebate off one or all of LTI's new products listed below.

QuickMap 3D for Android

New LaserSoft QuickMap 3D now on Android
Our QuickMap 3D field data collection software will now be available on the Android platform, making it now possible to measure points, take photos and integrate GPS coordinates all on a tablet.

This new 7.X version of QuickMap 3D offers many new features, but more details will be announced at the IACP conference.

Crime Scene Mapping Laser

New TOP SECRET Laser for Crime Scene Mapping
Crime scene investigators have limited options when it comes to mapping. Either they collect a million points with high-priced scanners, haul around heavy and expensive total stations or use the conventional tape measure and clip board. Be the first to see what LTI is about to release! Here's a hint: It will be the only, lightweight, compact, simple point-and shoot laser that offers survey-grade accuracy and integrates with QuickMap 3D on Android to create a mapping system that costs a fraction of alternative technology. This TOP SECRET laser will be unveiled only to IACP attendees who specifically ask about in our booth. Don't miss it!

Tactical LRF for SWAT

New TruPulse Tactical LRF for SWAT
Another innovation we are excited to announce at the LTI booth this year is a hand-held laser rangefinder for SWAT and law enforcement sharpshooters. Judging accurate distance to an intended target is critical to mission success and safety. The TruPulse Tactical LRF replaces up to 4 devices to provide a quick and accurate ballistic solution. Edit, store and access up to 5 weapon and cartridge combinations saved in the laser's on-board firmware. Combine that with the measured environmental barometric pressure, temperature, range and tilt data from the laser to get a calculated ballistic holdover (BDC, MOA, MIL, IN) result right in the scope. Add your estimated wind speed in the rangefinder to display the correction for 5 to 50 miles per hour. The Tactical is one more technological break-through from LTI and will be on display at IACP booth #4039.

New PicoDigiCam R

New PicoDigiCam R – Long Range Photo Speed Evidence
The PicoDigiCam LR is the ideal solution for long range photo evidence of traffic safety violations. With optimal photo and video quality at 800-1000 feet, there is no opportunity for a driver to spot the enforcing officer.

Integrate this powerful long-range capability with our new Shareview software for remote operation. With Shareview, violations data from the PicoDigiCam LR can be downloaded to a local computer in real-time and transferred via Wi-Fi or 4G to a command center for post processing.

New LTI 20/20 TruCAM

New LTI 20/20 TruCAM Video Laser Enhancements
Don’t leave LTI's booth without taking a look at the LTI 20/20 TruCAM, the most widely used handheld video laser in the world. Now with the Wi-Fi TruLink module, the TruCAM offers the ability to send speed information and a photo of the license plate wirelessly to a printer in the field making it possible for officers to present offenders with a roadside visual of the infraction.

At the end of the day, TruLink can be used to transfer violation data via WiFi using the IT protocol at your department. Learn about this and other advancements to the TruCAM solution by visiting LTI's IACP booth #4039.

Don't forget!! All IACP attendees who visit our booth can walk away with a $250 manufacture's rebate off one or all of LTI's new products. We look forward to seeing you there!

For more information on LTI products and the applications they're used for in law enforcement, see our Traffic Safety page.

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