Pennsylvania PD Demos LTI 20/20 TruCAM in Hopes of Reducing Following Too Closely (Tailgating) Incidences.

by rturriff 5. August 2015 08:39

For 30 days, state police in Pennsylvania are testing LTI's LIDAR technology, the LTI 20/20 TruCAM, to enforce Aggressive Driving laws, specifically PA MVC 3310 also referred to as Following Too Closely or tailgating. Lt. Mark Green from East Pennsboro Township Police Department in PA announced that they would begin testing out the TruCAM all-in-one video laser with Distance Between Cars (DBC) technology at a press event in Harrisburg on July, 31 2015. Fox 43 Harrisburg, ABC 27 Harrisburg, CBS Harrisburg, and WGAL Harrisburg were some local news stations that attended the press event and interviewed Lt. Green and LTI about the LIDAR technology.

According to Fox 43, Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation that is not allowed to use LIDAR technology for speed enforcement because LIDAR is not yet an approved timing device. Because of this, they are going to implement the TruCAM in other areas, such as Following Too Closely. Lt. Green has been speaking optimistically to the local news stations regarding the benefits of the TruCAM and how he hopes PA will catch up with the rest of the nation. Lt. Mark Green said, "You can use it now for following too closely. You could use it as a very accurate measuring tool. You could use it for mapping out accident scenes; we could use it for crime scenes."

Fox 43 news - "East Pennsboro police using laser technology to catch speeders" video, July 31, 2015

ABC 27 reported that laser technology is just the latest way officers are attempting to control traffic accidents in PA. Because of features such as video and photo verifications, a complete chain of video evidence, and tamper-proof data encryption, Lt. Green says that LIDAR technology is 100% correct and the TruCAM will allow the violator to know exactly what they were accused of doing.

ABC 27 news - "Local police department says laser technology prevents speeding" video, July 31, 2015

Brian Ferry, Laser Technology's Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, said that one of the benefits of using this LIDAR technology is that tailgating can be enforced before the accident even occurs. CBS states that officers have already cited two drivers for Following Too Closely since testing out the TruCAM and Lt. Green hopes they will be permitted to use the TruCAM to enforce speed as well. He said he "wants people to slow down and if having the modern equipment and people knowing it's a lot easier for police to catch speeding, it makes people slow down".

Lt. Green made it clear to WGAL that using this technology is not about the number of tickets, it's about safety and people slowing down. The TruCAM is more accurate than radar due to its ability to pinpoint a single vehicle and Lt. Green thinks it is time that the officers in PA were equipped with it.

The TruCAM has an integrated laser with a digital video camera, making it the only all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera on the market and the most sophisticated tool to enforce Following Too Closely. With LTI's patented technology, Distance Between Cars (DBC), the TruCAM is able to validate the violator's speed and calculate the time and traveling distance between them and the vehicle they are following too closely, backing it up with video and photographic evidence. To learn more about the LTI 20/20 TruCAM, visit

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