Milipol 2015

by admin 21. October 2015 13:37

The 19th worldwide exhibition of internal state security of Milipol 2015, will take place from 17 - 20, November in Paris, France. Attendees will enjoy panel sessions on such topics as Cybersecurity, Counter-terrorism, Equipment & Terrorism, learning from key experts in the industry, see the latest in product and technologies and network with peers.

Stop by Laser Technology's (LTI) exhibit where we will be showcasing the latest in the TruPulse series, the TruPulse Tactical laser rangefinder, and get a hands-on demonstration. The Tactical is the ideal handheld laser rangefinder for law enforcement snipers and S.W.A.T. teams. Other traffic safety products from LTI will be available for viewing and demonstrations too.

Before attending, take a look at our Traffic Safety products and see why our laser-based equipment has been used for years by law enforcement agencies around the world for applications such as speed enforcement and crash scene investigation.

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