Laser Technology Hosts Press Conference at IACP 2015

by padkins 26. October 2015 10:24
Eric Miller, LTI President, Unveils New Laser Products

Day two of the International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference has already begun in Chicago, IL where Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) has released some very exciting new products. Eric Miller, LTI's President, hosted a press conference at LTI's booth #4039 on Sunday at 11 AM (CT), the first day of the conference to reveal these new, much anticipated products. In attendance were many professionals from top-industry publications including Kelly Bisco and Jonathan Kozlowski from Law Enforcement Media, Dave Quimby from American Police Beat, Pam Hinz from, Melanie Basich from Police Magazine and Al Menear from Police and Security News.

At the press conference, they were able to get a first look of each new product LTI has released. Eric Miller spoke about how LTI got started with releasing the very first commercial laser speed enforcement device to the police market and how these new products are reaching to other departments such as SWAT and Crime Scene Investigation.

Here is a sneak peak of what LTI covered at the press conference.

LaserSoft QuickMap 3D now on Android

The QuickMap 3D field data collection software will now be available on the Android platform, making it possible to measure points, take photos and integrate GPS coordinates all on a tablet.

TruPoint 300 Laser Total Station for Crime Scene Mapping

The TruPoint 300 is the only, lightweight, compact, simple point-and shoot laser total station that offers survey-grade accuracy and integrates with QuickMap 3D on Android to create a mapping system that costs a fraction of alternative technology. It will be available for sale in February, 2016.

LaserSoft QuickMap 3D and TruPoint 300 Laser Total Station

TruPulse Tactical LRF for SWAT

The TruPulse Tactical LRF replaces up to 4 devices to provide a quick and accurate ballistic solution. Edit, store and access up to 5 weapon and cartridge combinations saved in the laser rangefinder's on-board firmware.

Combine that with the measured environmental barometric pressure, temperature, range and tilt data from the laser to get a calculated ballistic holdover (BDC, MOA, MIL, IN) result right in the scope.

TruPulse Tactical LRF

PicoDigiCam LR – Long Range Photo Speed Evidence

The PicoDigiCam LR is the ideal solution for long range photo evidence of traffic safety violations. With optimal photo and video quality at 800-1000 feet, there is no opportunity for a driver to spot the enforcing officer.

PicoDigiCam LR

The IACP 2015 Conference ends tomorrow! Don't forget to stop by LTI’s booth #4039 to see these exciting new products for yourself.

For more information on LTI products and the applications they're used for in law enforcement, see our Traffic Safety page.

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