TruPulse Tactical by Laser Technology, Inc. Featured in Soldier Systems Daily

by rturriff 27. October 2015 11:13

Soldier Systems Daily, a web publication focusing on the tactical industry, visited LTI at AUSA 2015 to take a look at the newly released TruPulse Tactical for SWAT and Law Enforcement. They liked the product so much that they featured it on their website! See Soldier Systems Daily feature on LTI's TruPulse Tactical.

TruPulse Tactical LRF in Action

The TruPulse Tactical is a hand-held laser rangefinder for SWAT and law enforcement sharpshooters. Judging accurate distance to an intended target is critical to mission success and safety.

The TruPulse Tactical LRF replaces up to 4 devices to provide a quick and accurate ballistic solution. Edit, store and access up to 5 weapon and cartridge combinations saved in the laser's on-board firmware. Combine that with the measured environmental barometric pressure, temperature, range and tilt data from the laser to get a calculated ballistic holdover (BDC, MOA, MIL, IN) result right in the scope. Add your estimated wind speed in the rangefinder to display the correction for 5 to 50 miles per hour.

The TruPulse Tactical is one more technological break-through from LTI and is the ultimate laser rangefinder for SWAT and Law Enforcement.

For more information visit the TruPulse Tactical laser rangefinder page.

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