Governors Highway Safety Program Decreases Fatal Car Crashes

by rturriff 10. February 2016 08:29

State Police in West Virginia are giving credit to the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for a substantial decrease in deadly car crashes.

The program, which promotes and encourages highway safety throughout the state, provides officers with funds that allow them to work special patrols extended past their normal shifts. As explained in an article by West Virginia MetroNews Staff, "The special patrols include Distracted Driving Enforcement, Work Zone Safety Enforcement, Seatbelt and Child Restraint Enforcement, Speed Patrols and DUI Enforcement." The additional funding received allows for check points to be set up during the busiest commuting times. Because of the program’s help, West Virginia reported a decrease of 69 fatalities in 3 years!

Congratulations to the West Virginia State Police and thank you to the Governor’s Highway Safety Program for making traffic safety a priority.

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