Laser Technology, Inc. Returns from Intertraffic Amsterdam 2016

by rturriff 15. April 2016 14:19

Intertraffic 2016 turned out to be a huge success for Laser Technology Inc. (LTI). With over 800 exhibitors and thousands of visitors from over 125 countries, attendees at the RAI Convention Centre ranged from decision makers and contractors to international road authorities all from various traffic-related fields. From April 5-8 in Amsterdam, LTI showcased multiple handheld traffic safety lasers and solutions, focusing on the T100/T200 and TruCapture sensors along with the PicoDigiCam LR.

Eric Miller, LTI President and COO,
demonstrates LTI Traffic Safety products.

With interest from many integrators and country road ministry departments, the T100 and T200 traffic sensors were a huge hit. The sensors can be incorporated into an existing system or sold together to create the ultimate traffic management system. Because this system is mounted above roads on a gantry, departments are able to gather vehicle speed, profile, classification, headway and wrong way drivers. This allows departments to determine traffic conditions such as travel times, vehicle type, traffic congestion status, and road occupancy.

In addition to the LTI sensors, attendees had interest in the PicoDigiCam LR, LTI's new solution for long range speed enforcement. This solution includes a 300 mm lens, giving it the ability to capture speed infraction information along with a crystal clear image of the license plate up to 300 meters away.

Outside demonstrations were held on
LTI's Traffic Safety products.

What makes the LTI PicoDigiCam LR unique from other speed enforcement systems is that it electronically interfaces with the lens for auto-iris, auto-focus and switching the nighttime filter on and off. This can all be controlled from a remote location using the Ethernet connection. You can also remotely view and operate the PicoDigiCam with Shareview, LTI's proprietary utility software that runs on your PC.

For more information on LTI’s traffic sensor products, PicoDigiCam LR, or any other Traffic Safety products, visit our website or call us at 1.303.649.1000.


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