Castle Rock PD Cracks Down on Distracted Drivers and Speeders

by admin 5. May 2016 13:05

The Ultimate Distracted Driving and Speed Enforcement Laser - LTI's TruCAM

The Castle Rock Police Department has joined in the crack down on speeders, distracted drivers and other violators with other law enforcement agencies in the Denver Metro area. A new speed enforcement tool, called the TruCAM, has been added to their inventory that helps officers see what is happening behind the wheel of violator's car.

LTI's TruCAM is an all-in-one handheld laser-based video and photo camera. The TruCAM allows officers to capture the violations on camera and replay the violations right there on the spot.

Sally Mamdooh of Denver's Channel 7 reports that the TruCAM's "new technology will actually help catch violators if they're not wearing their seat belts, or if they're texting behind the wheel. It will actually catch violators doing that on video and can replay their violations during the traffic stop."

Castle Rock PD has been using the TruCAM in the last four months in areas where the majority of accidents occur. Castle Rock Traffic Unit Officer Justin Smith states, "We are trying to slow people down and trying to reduce those crashes. Traffic safety is a big concern to our department."

So if you're in the Denver Metro area, better think twice before speeding, not wearing seat belts, talking/texting on cells phones or any other distractions while driving.

With this new enforcement tool in their hands, the TruCAM by Laser Technology, officers can provide indisputable evidence in court making it hard for a traffic violator to dispute the charges.

Sally Mamdooh, Denver's Channel 7 News Reports on Castle Rock PD
Using Laser Technology's TruCAMto Help with Distracted Driving and Speed Enforcement.
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