3 Things to Gain from LTI at ARC CSI 2016

by rturriff 20. May 2016 11:52

Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI) will be back in Las Vegas for the 15th Anniversary of the ARC-CSI Crash Conference on May 23-26, 2016. This conference is the best place for investigators to witness practical crash testing, which takes place in the NASCAR area of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Professionals not only get to witness a crash, they receive the actual data, photos, videos, and documentation afterwards, allowing them to improve crash reconstruction performances with their department.

Following the crash day, three days of technical presentations and exhibitors will speak and gather for the ARC-CSI Crash Conference at the Palace Station Hotel. LTI is exhibiting two brand-new products, QuickMap 3D® for Android and the TruPoint TM 300 that can be considered the modern Incident Mapping Kit, replacing the measuring wheel, bulky total stations and expensive 3D scanners. Now investigators have a faster and more affordable alternative for measuring vehicle damage and mapping a crash or crime scene. Shortly after the conference, LTI and MicroSurvey will be co-hosting a free webinar to teach professionals how QM3D and the TruPoint 300 can combine to create a solution that crash and crush investigation professionals worldwide will want to have in their hands.

QuickMap 3D for Android

QuickMap 3D

As the first crash and crime field data collection software for Android devices, QuickMap 3D (QM3D) makes the jobs of crash and crime scene investigators much easier. The software’s intuitive workflow makes it simple to collect, store and identify critical evidence faster than ever. Investigators will save time, decrease common mistakes and increase efficiency with:

  • High-resolution photos of the scene that automatically match up with the data set
  • Improved aiming precision with remote firing the laser from the tablet
  • Built-in help assistance
  • Ability to re-shoot points instead of having to delete unwanted data
  • Capability to email field data from the tablet in a CAD-friendly format

TruPoint 300 All-in-One Mapping Laser

As the first phase-laser from LTI, survey-grade accuracy can be achieved with the TruPoint 300, a small, lightweight, compact measuring laser that and costs a fraction of conventional technology, such as high-end 3D scanners and total stations. Combine the TruPoint 300 with QuickMap 3D on Android for the ultimate mapping solution that:

TruPoint 300
  • Produces millimeter-grade distance accuracy
  • Measures distance, inclination and horizontal angles for X, Y and Z measurements
  • Delivers ultimate precision in tight spaces with the red-dot pointer, aiming camera and fine adjust features
  • Offers on-board data storage and calculations
  • Collects and stores 3D measurement coordinates in DXF format, which can be exported to familiar CAD programs over WiFi

Designed specifically for the crash and crime scene investigators, this seamless solution will become the go-to tool for collecting vital measurements quickly, efficiently and accurately. Sign up for the free webinar below and learn how this technology benefits the modern crash and crime scene investigator.

About the Webinar

What: "Next-Generation Mapping Technology: Crash and Crime Scenes Field-to-Courtroom"
When: 10 a.m. (MDT) Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Details: Attendees will hear from experts about the pros and cons of alternative technologies, and get tips on choosing the right hardware for the job. Solution experts also will walk webinar participants through a few simple tasks on both QuickMap 3D on Android and IMS Map360.

Next-Generation Mapping Technology: Crash and Crime Scenes Field-to-Courtroom Webinar
Recorded June 1, 2016 10:00 AM MST

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